Ladies and Gentlemen!

Riders who don’t know who Peetu Piiroinen is certainly will do in couple of years. Peetu is one of best snowboarders that I know and is not only developing rapidly in snowboarding but also as a person. He’s a guy who can have fun riding no matter what condition the kicker or pipe is in. That’s why is so cool to ride with him.

But he also knows how to PARTY and have fun with his friends when he’s not on snow. So, Peetu, keep fun in your life and see you at Hyvinkää Rock City!

- by Jani Lammia

Age: 18

Home resort: Sveitsin Hiihtokeskus

Contest results: 1st Burton European Open 2006 men’s slopestyle, 7th US Open 2005 men’s slopestyle.

Regular or goofy: Goofy

Stance: front +15 and back –3, 56cm wide

What is your favourite trick and why: Cab 3. It's easy to do, it feels good and you can do it wherever you want.

Who do you hang with on the hill: Usually with my friends, sometimes just alone.

Which is the rider who has had the most influence on your style: There are so many good riders who have good style, but maybe Heikki Sorsa and Eero Niemela. They have super good style.

Do you have a favourite movie part: Yeah, I have and it's definitely Andreas Wiig's part in Derelictica.

What will you be doing in the 06/07 season: I'm not quite sure yet but I'm probably gonna do some contests and filming, photoshoots and other stuff like that…