The O'Neill H3 Series is a range of wearable electronics, designed specifically for boardsports fans. The range of technologically advanced apparel constitues six items to save up for, including the campack (backpack that accommodates a camcorder for non-wobbly filming), the audio beanie (with headphones in the ear flaps), and jackets that facilitate ipod listening and mobile phone calls with a control panel in sleeve, and a headphone jack and microphone in collar.

The H3 glove (pictured) is a performance-orientated snow glove that incorporates a wireless remote control for iPods. There are no wires involved, instead the glove uses radio frequencies to send instructions to the iPod, allowing you to pick your tunes from a small, thumb-controlled joystick woven into the top of the right-hand glove that mirrors the behavior of the iPod scroll wheel. Genius! Plus, it's super-cosy, water resistant, breathable and available in both men’s and women’s fits.