Here at Onboard we're always looking for off the cuff/slightly retarded/maybe mildy entertaining ways to ask snowboarders the same old questions. So when we heard that Halldor Helgason would be rocking up to the world premiere of Nike's new snowboard banger-fest Never Not - which you could have watched for free if you were quick enough but that you can still purr-chase on iTunes (well worth it by the way) - we thought we'd try playing a little game.

Armed with a buzzer that borrowed the sound effect from that most revered British game-show Family Fortunes, we sat down with the Icelandic jester-turned-mind blowing snowboarder Halldor and asked him a series of questions with one underlying rule: he was forbidden to use the words 'yes' or 'no' in his answers.

How many times would Halldor get buzzed? Could he nail the whole thing without screwing up? Was our concept entirely flawed? Watch the interview above to find out.

Prior dummy interviews conducted on Onboard staff members led us to predict a fairly high screw-up rate. As it turns out, Halldor is a lot more with it than a lot people perhaps give him credit for - particularly considering the fact that he concusses himself about three times a year on average...