Men's/Women's: MEN’S

Category (freeride/freestyle/all mountain/jib): FREESTYLE

Lengths: 152, 155, 157, 159

Normal/wide/wide models too: NORMAL

Friendliness (0=stiff bastard, 10=newbie friendly): 7

There are now three things in this world that you can be certain of: death, taxes and that any MFM endorsed product will fly off the shelves. The guy’s like the Jamie Lynn of the noughties. So why are we bothering to whet your appetite when chances are you’ll buy it anyway? Because Salma Hayek’s a honey. And MFM still rules. And Nitro is a cool company owned by a guy who sings Stones covers. And we think you’ll like the board. Built for the kind of freestyle MFM’s famed for, this has a buttery jibbery friendly directional flex and what Montoya calls “the perfect shape". Just like your boy, this board will take a licking and keep on ticking. Holla!