Nike Snowboarding Project Chapter 1 – Interview with Halldor Helgason

The Swoosh-wearing crew over at Nike Snowboarding have just dropped the first chapter of their three-part team video, The Nike Snowboarding Project. Check what it’s all about in our exclusive chat with Halldor Helgason…

Featuring the likes of Jed Anderson, Justin Bennee, Jess Kimura, Johnnie Paxson and of course your boy Halldor, you know it’s gonna be full of hammers and having watched it we must say it’s sick. Joe Carlino did a solid job on the edit, too, as you’ll see here. We caught up with Halldor to find out more…

Photo: Phil Young

A couple of off the cuff remarks after watching that jib-centric Chapter 1. That rail of yours. What the fucking fuck? How many kinks were there in that beast, how many tries did it take, and was it the one you guys tried to hit with Factor Films back in the day?

Haha, I’m pretty sure it was a 12-kink and, no, it’s not the same rail that we tried a few years ago. It actually didn’t take that many tries – me, Eiki and Gulli all got it within 3 Hours so we were pumped!

When you’re setting up for something serious, arent you ever worried those little octocopters are gonna go mad and crash into you, leaving a chewed up hunk of Icelandic flesh where a Halldor used to be?

Haha, for sure sometimes, but I always try and focus on how sick it’s going to feel if it actually works out. If you would think too much about the bad things that could happen you wouldnt go to far as a snowboarder I think… Just seeeeeeend it.

Seeing as you have your own project, Pepping!, too, was it a pain in the arse to decide which footage went where?

Nah, it was mellow this year. I actually didn’t end up getting as much on film this season as I wanted, since I only filmed street stuff in Iceland from November till beginning of January, then I had X Games and some more contests and ended up fucking my ankle at the beginning of March during the World Championships in Oslo. My first day back was at Superpark in May so I only filmed a little bit of park at the end of the season, till I fucked my other ankle in June, hehe. The shortest season for me so far. Hopefully a better one is coming up now, my ankles feel bulletproof, 7-9-13, (lucky number in Iceland, incase your wondering) so I’m stoked.

Where did you shoot for this part, and was it a couple weeks here and there or was your footage pulled in from across the season?

It’s only stuff from my first and only street trip of the season, which was back in Iceland in Reykjavik and my hometown Akureyri.

Is there a particular trick of yours in this edit that you’re particularly stoked on? Something that was super hard work or a memorable session with the bros?

Probably the one that I’m most stoked on is the FS blunt on the C-kink, only because I started up with a FS 5-0 and then decided to try a FS Blunt, so I was thinking “If get this it’s a huuuge bonus,” hehe. Plus all the other guys ended up getting bangers as well. Gooood day

For us the heaviest trick in there is Bennee’s wallie bombdrop. What’s your personal highlight from the other dudes? Be specific – dont want any Swedish neutrality here…

It’s hard to say, everyone straight up killed it in that edit, It was sick to see. My favourites are: Justin Benne that gap to landing on the rock and the huuuuge wallie to drop, then Jed’s boardslide on the flat gap to boardslide on the ledge and Paxon’s wallride ender – not kidding around. It’s cool to see that after the bonus edit where he is getting destroyed trying to get it.

I just had one of those nightmares when you’re back at school and have to do an exam, so to make you feel my morning pain, here’s an exam-themed question: Though they’re at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, urban riding and backcountry freestyle are the areas of snowboarding in which there’s the most room for creativity. Discuss.

Not really sure whats going on here… Boardercross and slalom have a lot of room for creativity, I have some banger ideas for that so just wait, hehe. But I love seeing creative riding or just something that I haven’t seen before always gets me so damn stoked and it keeps snowboarding fun in a way you can’t get over it with it. I can relate way more to urban creativity since I do that way more then backountry, but when I see something new in the backcountry just a little bit different then a cheesewedge drop, pow turn, normal jump or all those classic things, I get so stoked. For example I’m going to take the Nitro powder part in Hyped!, I was so damn stoked on that one: Austin Smith pow turn burying his friends in snow to a frontflip of the piste. Baaanger stuff!

Did you get a chance to ride with the other guys appearing in Chapter 1? Whose riding hypes you most?

I actually didn’t have the opportunity this year to session with them, but it’s for sure going down next season. I really love seeing Jed ride since he has a way different style than I do and his riding is always fun to watch.

Leaving aside the things you’re in, what other movie content – online or even one of those old-fashioned DVD things – has stoked you out this fall?

I was so stoked when my Icelandic friends dropped their movie A2M by The Barf Bags, haha. It’s really inspired by the Wildcats, Jackass I guess and the Whisky movies, and that’s what I love to see. Snowboarding has to stay naaaasty dirty and sketchy: that’s what CLEAN really is if you think about it….

Seems like you’re not in any ‘regular’ movies this year – just this and Pepping! and being dirty in A2M. Is that true, if so how come? Has the internet fully killed the video star?

We also do a lot of edits on But no, the internet hasn’t fully killed the video star, but it is the way things are changing. I really like it to be honest since it’s so easy for everyone to get a hold on, and everyone is watching things on their computer way more than on their TV. People are for real getting too lazy to go through the process of putting a DVD in to the DVD player, hehe.

This winter’s just beginning. What have you got coming up? And what will you be focussing your attentions on? Contests? Filming? Getting nasty?

A little bit of everything like always, but mostly just [focussing on] staying in one piece. I’m going all in to film for the Nike Project which I’m really looking forward to – I think it’s going to be a banger! – then we are going to keep on doing our Sexual Snowboarding movies because it’s way to much fun to quit and people seem to really like what we are doing, so that is awesome. Then “Harold” hopefully gets another part in the new Barf Bags movie and on top of that I’ll do a few contests and work with all my brands: Lobster Snowboards, Hoppipolla Headwear, 7-9-13 Belts and Switchback Bindings… So my main goal? Have as much fun as possible, like always…

Finally, it’s the start of the road to Sochi. Will you try to go to the Olympics, get the spot, and then get kicked out for shitting on someone’s tits?

Hahaha, thank you, thank you. I don’t dare to claim anything yet, but I would love to go there with my Coach Thunder and see what happens, heheh…

Check Chapter 1 of The Nike Snowboarding Project like now.


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