Nico Diaz combines a killer, laid-back style with a fine-tuned technique that makes snowboarding look way too easy. And while his main love and focus is definitely snowboarding, he’s become a keen surfer too. When he’s not doing either of those, he’s hanging out with his girlfriend Marie and playing computer games (namely Pro Evolution Soccer 6).

He also loves to shred Montpellier. Although he no longer skateboards, he’s back grinding the city’s handrails with a bigger board… and bigger tricks.

Photo- Indy Bombdrop, Les Arcs

Name: Nico Diaz

Age: 22

Home: Montpellier

Local resort: Les Arcs

Favourite resort: Les Arcs

Sponsors: Imperium, Von Zipper, Cell Division, Technine, CBL

Goofy or Regular? Regular

Angles: +18°, –9°

Favourite board: Centurion 53

Hobbies: Surf, skate, PES6, Holland

How long have you been snowboarding for? Since yesterday.

Why did you want to become a pro? To live the dream day in day out.

How did you start out? On a New Way board in Font Romeu with my parents on holiday.

How did you first get sponsored? It started at Boardeline when I left Montpellier to go to the Alps every weekend, all thanks to Bruno Carnet. Big up, Bruno!

Contest results: 1st at VZ Trials 2004, 4th at the Boarderline Cup 2005.

Best moment: When I signed with Imperium snowboards.

Worst moment: When my girlfriend injured herself.

Favourite trick: A ghetto-style BS 180 melon tweaker.

First published shot? Fluid (Photo Annual 2005)

What terrain do you prefer: park, pipe, rails or backcountry? I love handrails but powder is the best.

Do you do a lot of contests? No

Music? DJ Adri, SWC, Imperium Mixtape (str8 from the Ghetta), underground hip hop.

Favourite film? The Shawshank Redemption

Favourite rider? Tonton Holland

Influences? Wu Tang and my friends