Our latest Mixtape is that of ex-Burton pro turned tunesmith, Trevor Andrew. It's an audio 101 to his musical influences. Feed your earholes...

Back before Trevor 'Trouble' Andrew was focussed on pumping out electropunk he was a pretty dang shit-hot shredder. Anyone remember his ender McTwist in 1999? Or his heavy parts with Absinthe Films? Or the fact that he was one of the OG Burton 7 and occasionally went by the name of the TRZA?

Of course, despite having a pro model on YES Snowboards this coming winter, Trevor is better known for his audio output these days. And this Mixtape of the 10 tunes he was digging when we hit him up last season for our Audio Pro feature pretty much lays out the musical roadmap you'll hear in his own tunes. Part punk, part rap, part electro, all awesome. Click play.