It's Monday so once again we've been hitting up the riders to find out what makes up their Mixtape. This week you get to listen in to UK scamp Jamie Nicholls' top 10 tunes. In two words, this is Well Urban.

What is it? Jamie Nicholls' day at Onboard? The boy from Bradford's like Nicolas Müller or Eero Ettala in terms of our online coverage but, much as it pains us to say it, he's frickin' killing it and deserves everything he gets - just don't tell him we said that. So, following on from this morning's interview Terry Kidwell did with him, allow Jamie's currently top 10 most-played songs on his iTunes give you some audio excitement.

There's a lot of Hip-Hop and Urban sounds in this Mixtape – in fact when we say 'there's a lot' we mean 'It's pretty much all...' – but to be honest it's a refreshing change to not have a rider drop electro-bleeping (Ok, so there is one...), metro-pop or metal to listen in to. Check it out by hitting Play below...