Check out what the boy with the Isenseven ender digs piping into his brain box in this week's Mixtape. Yep, it's our Germerican homie Ethan Morgan, and his tastes are gangsta.

For this Monday's Mixtape we thought long and hard about who to hit up. We were lucky enough to go make party at the Isenseven premiere last Friday and even luckier not to get one third as drunk as our buddy Ethan Morgan. He had reason to celebrate, mind - he'd just bagged the ender in Isenseven's new movie, Kaleidoscope, with a hella strong all-round banging part. This will make people sit up and take notice, like us who, for reasons of a fist-of-nuff-respect nature, have awarded him the chance to share his top 10 tunes with y'all.

Nice work, E-Mo. Gangsta!