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Seeing as snowboarding is like, mainstream now, and riders are equally at home posing with puppies as they are hitting handrails, we can totally justify putting a whole load of snowboarders through a celebrity lookalike app... right?

Besides, this whole 'become a pro snowboarder and win lots of money' game is a tough one, as these days, you stand very little chance if you aren't sponsored by the age of 3. So anyone who doesn't have a 'snowboarder mom' either has to be mature enough to make the decision to become a pro when they just started walking (still doing so like a hammered idiot), or will be producing desperate sponsor-me tapes for the rest of their lives.

And even if you ARE lucky enough to have experienced a career as a pro snowboarder, it will inevitably come to an end when said-9-year olds are kicking your middle-aged ass. But what to do then? Chances are, not everyone in the industry does it like Bataleon's Ian Ashmore, doing a doctor's degree in astrophysics with no sweat, so we wracked our brains on what to do instead.

Luckily, smartphones aren't only there to Instagram your every meal, or get laid by that really cute Tinder-match, but also offer MyHeritage - an app that shows you your celebrity doppelgänger. Our suggestion: Find your doppelgänger, eliminate him or her, and take over their life - we know we will.

So sit back and enjoy our collection of the best snowboarder doppelgängers...

[part title="Gigi Rüf"]

gigi rüf doppelgänger

[part title="Mark McMorris"]

mark mcmorris doppelgänger

[part title="Niklas Mattson"]

niklas mattson doppelgänger

So we'll just say that he's an awesome dude with beautiful locks.

[part title="Stale Sandbech"]

stale sandbech

[part title="Roope Tonteri"]

roope tonteri doppelgänger 1

[part title="Peetu Piiroinen"]

peetu piiroinen doppelgänger

[part title="Shaun White"]

shaun white doppelgänger

[part title="Danny Davis"]

danny davis doppelgänger

[part title="Silje Norendal"]

silje norendal doppelgänger

[part title="JP Walker"]

jp walker1 doppelgänger

[part title="Gjermund Braaten"]

gjermund braaten doppelgänger 1

[part title="Kevin Backstrom"]

kevin backstrom doppelgänger

[part title="Scotty Lago"]

scotty lago doppelgänger 1

[part title="Ethan Morgan"]

ethan morgan doppelgänger

[part title="Halldor Helgason"]

halldor helgason doppelgänger 1

[part title="Kas Lemmens"]

kas lemmens doppelgänger

[part title="Scott Stevens"]

scott stevens doppelgänger

[part title="Iouri Podladtchikov"]

iouri podladtchikov doppelgänger

[part title="LNP"]

LNP doppelgänger

[part title="Henry Jackson"]

henry jackson doppelgänger

[part title="Danny Larsen"]

danny larsen doppelgänger

[part title="Chas Guldemond"]

chas guldemond doppelgänger

[part title="Arthur Longo/Kelly Clark"]

9 arthur longo kelly clark

[part title="Jamie Nicholls"]

37 jamie nicholls1

[part title="Sage Kotsenburg"]

sage kotsenburg doppelgänger

[part title="Nicolas Müller"]

nico müller doppelgänger

[part title="Tom Copsey"]

tom copsey doppelgänger

[part title="Mike Brindley"]

mike brindley doppelgänger

[part title="Sam Oetiker"]

sam oetiker doppelgänger

[part title="Yalda Walter"]

yalda walter doppelgänger