Muller snowboarding philosophy states that there's only one trick - and that that is to strap in. But if we're completely honest - we have to say that we like to see something more original than that - at least every once in a while...

Well, luckily for us, every year there are a tonne of innovators out there. Whether it's part of their style or just a result of having fun, riders are creating new tricks and variations all the time. Call it progression, adaptation, creativity, whatever you like - there's no use fighting the fact that the global trick bag looks a lot different now than it did even 10 years ago.

We've broken some of the best creativity we've seen this year down into bite size chunks for you - so you can get some inspiration for yourself. Or just check out the cool shit that's going on out there - take a peek:

1. Halldor Helgason's Noseslide Frontflip

Halldor's mental trick from Hoppipolla stubai edit is mental! And looks super-fun too...

2. Shaun Murphy's Michael Jackson Boardslide

Sketchy as fuuuck... Shaun Murphy treading that fine line between genius and insanity in C3.

3. Marcus Rand in Yawgoons 9

Yawgoons 9 is mad. Here's just one example of some rail transfer radness going down

4. Tim Major in Yawgoon's Spring Vacation

Way to make things looks super chill and easy Tim - linking tricks into a feature like this takes some outside the box thinking.

5. Nick Visconti - Visconti Tuck Knee

Nick's trademark tuck knee noseslide took the letter V in Dangerzone's Alphabet Aerobics - which was a pretty creative edit in itself...

1. Scotty Vine's One Foot Double Backflip

Just because it takes huge stones to pull it off and probably a fair bit of planning, doesn't stop this being a world first - that's pretty original if you're asking us.

2. Scott Stevens' 360 Body Varial

Grinding down your baseplate discs is nothing new (see Jeremy Jones' X Games 15 Real Snow) but Scotts body varial is such a headfuck we couldn't leave this one out.

3. Eiki Helgason's Christ Plant

Technically a no footer - in our books it's normally a good sign that you're watching something new when you don't quite know what to call it.

4. Bode Merrill - Gap to 1 Foot Nose Slide

Bode's got one-footers for days - here's one that stuck with us this year.

1. Nicolas Muller's Never Not Lines

Nico's a pro a spotting creative lines - Gigi's stoked, so are we.

2. Tadashi Fuse's Pillow Search Line

Tadashi bouncing off pillows - that's one hell of a way to change direction.

3. Fredi K's Icy Saas Fee Lines

Frederik Kalbermatten has been killing it this year and he found some gnarly lookin' icy lines in Saas Fee for his full part - we seriously recommend you check out the rest of this one too.

4. Terje Haakonsen Burton Backcountry Lines

Unmistakeable energy and ingenuity from Terje - keeping it fresh like a boss.

1. Justin Fronius' Cross Rocket Tail Grab

We're pretty sure that's the wrong name for this - but nobody's corrected us so far. Send suggestions in a stamped addressed envelope.

2. Halldor Helgason's Lobster Flip

Technically Halldor landed this last year - but it doesn't stop the Lobster flip being one of the stand out tricks of 2013, as this micro-edit shows pretty darn well.

3. Stale Sandbech Front 3 Crail to Method

Super steezy link-up from Stale to end Oakley's team vid - this is rad.

4. Nicolas Muller BS Rodeo Japan

Classic Nico manoeuvre here, it may not be a world first, but this still messes with our heads.

1. Spencer Schubert - Snowskate Handstand Boardslide

Ohhhh shiiii... things just got weird.

2. Jaeger Bailey - Scorpion Butterbox Handslide

High Cascade don't need snowboards to keep jibbing...

3. Scott Steven's Roller Flip

Just get with the programme and watch Scott's full part already - it's one of the most creative things you'll see all year.

4. Ben Bilodeau Nose Block Front-Flip Drop In

This combo is pretty hectic don't you think?

1. Yawgoons Log Jib/Snow Shelf

That log jib looks pretty unshredable to us...

2. Jed's Waterslide Hits

Master timing, steeze and a unique spot - nice one Jed.

3. Never Not Russian Bridge Hand-Drag

Hand-drags on rainbow rails have been going off this year - this one from Nike's Russia trip is a peach!

4. Alexander Volkov's Fighter Plane Jib

Seriously, how often do you see a spot like this?

5. Freddy Perry in Think Thank

Freddy's crazy eye tells all in this clip - you'd have to be pretty nuts to see this and think that it looks like a good place to ride.

Got more suggestions to add to the collection? Drop them in the comments, we could watch this shit all day...