Browse our collection of awesome snowboard wallpapers to pimp out your computer screen - these shots were the most popular of 2014.

Snowboard photographs rule. There's nothing better than drooling over a well composed, well-shot snowboard photo, and one of the best ways to ensure that this happens on a daily basis is to have one greet you everytime you open your laptop or sit down in front of your desktop computer.

Over the next few pages you'll find the most downloaded wallpapers on in 2014, presented in reverse chronological order, along with download links below each shot. Enjoy!

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Roope Tonteri is certainly no stranger to going big. Here he is sending an air to fakie into the stratosphere over Squaw Valley, California while shooting for the Burton [SNOWBOARDING] movie. Photo: Blotto


Werni Stock has a mean frontside 360 on him. Here he is floating one against a golden backdrop in Allgau, Germany. Photo by Carlos Blanchard.


Dylan Thompson lays down a heavy front board in a ghetto looking spot in Salt Lake City. Photo by E-Stone.


Gigi Rüf and Elias Elhardt came across this super cool looking pyramid spot on their trip to Japan and just had to snowboard it. Photo by Cyril Müller.


Jed Anderson is no one trick pony. Did you know that as well as being one of the best jibbers on the planet he can also stomp tricks like this frontside 900 in the backcountry? Yep, Jed is the man. Photo by Cyril Mueller


Jussi Oksanen is one of the best backcountry jumpers in the world. He can even soar above the clouds like that dude in the cape and speedos. Frontside 1080 double cork deep into the Whistler backcountry. Photo by Russell Dalby.


The photo equivalent of a fresh-from-the-freezer Popsicle to cool you down winter. Mario Kaeppeli kicking up some fresh in Folgefonna. Photo by Silvano Zeiter.


Mario Kaeppeli scores his second top 10 wallpaper with this shot of him absolutely SENDING a backside 180 in Tyrol in one of our favourite snowboard shots of this year. How’s that for a backdrop? Photo by Patrick Steiner


There’s fewer things you can do on a snowboard that feel better than a good pow slash. Philipp Zurbriggen knows it. Photo by Dominic Steinmann


You can’t go wrong with a good sunset. By popular demand, here is the wallpaper version of Ståle Sandbech poking out a front 9 tail in the evening light on a sunset shoot in Folgefonna. Photo by Frode Sandbech.