Ahh yes, the snowpark. The best place to get into some freestyle skullduggery. There's been a smorgasbord of freestyle madness this year, especially with a certain competition that went down on the Russian continent.

Either way, sit back, relax and wish for slow-mo glasses as we run through the most viewed park edits of 2014 in reverse chronological order on Onboardmag.com as of the 11th of December 2014.

RK1 consistently put out some of the best edits on the web curtsey of Olav Stubberud, who was there to film his mates and made this SICK edit!

Stale Sandbech and Alek Ostreng along with Ulrik Badetscher, Torgeir Bergrem, Mark Mcmorris, Brage Richenberg, Charles Reid and Taka spun and jib the shit out of the two parks. This is how we picture a perfect park video!

Niklas Mattsson is arguably one of the most underrated park riders on the planet right now. Check out his welcome to Rome edit from a few months back and don’t miss the beastly backside 1620 ender!

His welcome edit was shot last season on the infamous Jon Olsson kicker in Åre, where he stomped a flurry of straight hammers. Don’t miss the frontside 1080 rocket air and corked backside 360 melon to late crail.

Ståle Sandbech was holed up in Stubai for a for a few weeks, and we got the chance to check out what the wünderkind has been getting up to high on the glaciers of Austria.

Now anyone that says style is dead in competitive snowboading after watching this edit should contact their nearest optician for an eye test because we’re worried that you might be going blind. The Backside 360 Melon to Method is on an entire new plain of body contortion.

Red Gerard may only be 13 years old, but the amount of tricks he has on lock already is something else. Hhis full part is one of the most promising young rippers in the game throwing down.

Red can also take the accolade of having the funniest intro to a season edit of the season. We're pretty sure he'll look back on this soon with new eyes...

When it comes to the sheer amount of tricks he can do on his snowboard, Sebastien Toutant is an absolute beast.

Seb’s switch game is unreal, with him doing almost every trick here in both regular and switch. There’s 450-ons, 450-offs, a switch backtail 270, a switch backside 270 on to regular and a ridiculous hardway cab 360 on ender.

Mons Røisland is a 17 year old ripper from Norway who sent us this sick edit from his time out in Breckenridge, Colorado. Dude flippin’ sends it!

With a hearty helping of solid rail switch and regular rail tricks stomped as clean as a whistle, and a full-on terrorizing of Breck’s big kicker line with tricks like switch backside 9s, front 10s off the toes, cab 10s and a quite frankly insane switch backside double cork 1260, it’s easy to see that Mons has got a shit-ton of potential.

If you’ve never visited Scotland before, you might find it strange to know that it isn’t just a cold, rainy place, but actually has a vibrant and growing snowboard community.

Danny McCormick is one of Scotland’s finest, and in his latest edit from fabled dryslope Bearsden, proceeds to show us exactly why. Danny has got some big tricks under his sleeve, including 900s and a double, but in this edit decides to focus on style and creativity instead, opting for big 180s, methods, nollie frontflips and more.

The Burton Presents full part with Danny Davis, Ben Ferguson and friends is all about getting wild in the new Peace Park creation. How sick is that setup?

Now in its third year, the Peace Park has evolved into a mainstay in the annual shred calendar, bringing together a crew of passionate snowboarders to an innovative park setup for a week of progression and good times. It’s a fairly standard formula, but the quality of the riders (in terms of both ability and personality) and snow-shaping here really sets the Peace Park apart from the rest.

Sven Thorgren is at the very top of his game right now. Check his edit shot at the Stubai Prime Park Sessions a few weeks back and you’ll see exactly what we mean…

From his mind blowing cab 1260 roast beef, to his stalled out backside rodeo, to the huge triple backside rodeo, Sven's was definitely firing on all cylinders this season.

Check Katie Ormerod and her BOLTS backside double 1080, landed at Stubai back in May.

We'd been hearing rumblings and rumours of aforementioned trick, and those rumblings turned to tremors when the video first dropped. Apart from being the first woman to land a Back Double 10, it's made even more impressive that it's such a young rider.

A long and elusive career is there for the taking for young Ms Ormerod...

And without further ado, Jason Anderson's snowflex edit takes the topspot in our list of the most watched park edits of the year.

Watch Jason Anderson getting creative on this sick looking dryslope set up in VA, with some solid jib tricks, a spot of gravel pressing and some unusual lines on the features.