[splitpost intro="true"]Jussi Oksanen's contribution to snowboarding over the last 17 years has been nothing short of legendary. Following the news of his retirement from professional snowboarding, we thought it would be a fitting tribute to round up some of his stand-out video parts from over the years.

In between winning numerous X Games medals, competing at the Olympics and dropping incredible parts in some of snowboarding's most celebrated movie productions, Jussi Oksanen's mark on snowboarding has been profound.

When the news dropped yesterday that Jussi would be retiring from professional snowboarding to focus on his re-usable water bottle company Mizu, we began looking back over some of our favourite Jussi parts.

So without further ado, here are five of our top Jussi Oksanen parts, presented to you in chronological order:

[part title="Standard Films: TB8 Infinity (2000) Jussi Oksanen Full Part"]

Standard Films dropped TB8 back in 2000 and Jussi had one of the stand-out parts. Featuring some massive hits in the park and backcountry in some very retro looking outerwear, this part was an indication of the greatness that was to come from Jussi in later years.

Looking back on it 14 years down the line it's a little difficult to put into perspective just how big Jussi was going here, but the fact that it earned him "Video Part of the Year" at the Transworld Rider's Poll Awards says it all.

[part title="Robotfood: Afterbang (2003) Jussi Oksanen Full Part"]

As one of the founders of Robotfood, along with the likes David Benedek, Travis Parker and Bobby Meeks, Jussi Oksanen played an instrumental part in making snowboarding look like the most fun ever.

His full part from Robotfood's 'Afterbang' was nothing short of legendary, featuring an infectious tune, Jussi's signature pre-kicker butters, some big rail tricks and other fun stuff like synchronized backflips.

It's easily one of our favourite Jussi parts.

[part title="MDP: From___, With Love (2005) Jussi Oksanen Full Part"]

Jussi's part in Mack Dawg's 'From ___, With Love' was one of the parts where he really started to step it up in the backcountry.

Featuring some massive cliff drops, a frontside 1080, spins in all four directions and even a spattering of street riding, it was an explosive part and one where Jussi really began to dial in his style.

[part title="MDP: Picture This (2008) Jussi Oksanen Full Part"]

MDP's 'Picture This' was a super memorable snowboard movie. After suffering one of the worst season's for snow in recent years, the crew had to get creative with shots and spots to make the movie work, and the result was a diverse flick with great songs and some killer snowboarding.

Jussi's part in 'Picture This' perfectly captured the vibe that was so prevalent in the mid 200s: quirky, upbeat pop songs, bright colours and solid riding.

And just see if you can keep 'Pop Goes The World' out of your head for the rest of the day...

(NB. Unfortunately users in Germany will not be able to watch this one. Bloody GEMA!)

[part title="Burton: Standing Sideways (2011) Jussi Oksanen Full Part"]

In 2011, Burton granted Jussi with a well deserved ender section in their team movie 'Standing Sideways'.

This part was arguably when Jussi hit his peak, with massive double corks, one of the longest step down cab 900s we've ever seen and a crazy-tech switch back 720 in powder to end an incredible part.

Another top song too!

[part title="Bonus: Best of Jussi Oksanen (2013)"]

Last year, Burton dropped a highlights edit featuring all of Jussi's best shots from the three years prior and predictably, it features some insane snowboarding. Whilst many snowboarders end up losing their way a little after the ten year mark, Jussi has only got better with time, going bigger and stomping more technical tricks every year.

Just take that switch backside double cork at the 1.52 mark or the huge frontside 900 ender for example. Insane stuff!

Of course, these five parts are just a tiny snippet of what Jussi has dropped over the years, and even though he has decided to focus his energy on new challenges, his legacy will be engrained into the VHS tapes, hard drives and memories of riders for generations to come.

Which is your favourite Jussi Oksanen part? Let us know in the comments below.