Instagram has quickly grown into one of the most prominent social networks on the planet.

Snowboarders are inherently visual beings, and as such, Instagram is definitely a medium that a lot of us are down with for sharing images and insights into the active lifestyles we live.

We love sharing the best snowboard images with you via our Instagram channel @onboardmag, and there have been some absolute corkers on there in 2014.

Going on the standard 21st century democratic procedure of 1 like = 1 vote, we've rounded up and presented your favourite 20 @onboardmag 'grams in reverse chronological order (correct as of 17 December 2014).

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"Totally awesome few days up at #stubai for the@primeparksessions. Full gallery of all the bangers drops tomorrow on our site. Photo: @thomascopsey"

Everyone loves a good bit of mountain porn. Here's one that our editor in chief snapped while we were out in Stubai for some early-season shred.


"@gigiruef and @eliaselhardt strapping in on one of the craziest looking features we've seen in recent memory while filming for 'PERCEPTIONS' with the @piratecrewin Japan. Download this shot as an exclusive wallpaper on our site now! Link in our bio | Photo: @cyrilphoto"

Pirate Movie Productions' 'Perceptions' was hands down one of the movies of the year and this Japanese pyramid with Gigi and Elias perched atop it was the poster image for the movie. You certainly don't see features like that every day!


"What's the coolest spot you've scoped out this fall?@hhelgason pulls out a layback handdragger in Sweden! | Photo: @cyrilphoto"

Halldor Helgason hand-drags a really cool spot while filming for the new Sexual Snowboarding movie 'NoToBo', which you can watch in full now!


"The new teaser for @anttiautti's new movie Approach & Attack is live at now! If you can't stop thinking about making that first powder turn you have to check it out | Photo: @jkarppa"

We stuck up this 'gram when we launched the teaser for Antti Autti's new powder filled movie 'Approach & Attack' - everyone go check out that movie!


"@thomasdelfino blasts a switch back fizzle in Italy. Download this peach as a wallpaper at now! | Photo: @matt_georges"

A classic snowboard shot here from Thomas Delfino and Matt Georges. Snow? Check. Blue sky? Check. Guy sending it? Chhhhheck!


"This was our view this weekend! After a solid dump last week the Northern Alps are in great shape right now. Go get some! | Photo: @samoetiker"

Here's one snapped by yours truly when out in Hintertux in the pre season. Good times for sure.


"Well hot damn. @nicolasmuellair is now riding@gnusnowboards! Match made in heaven if you ask us. Nice work fellas! #mtweird #getweird#howdoyoudonicosongnu Photo: Gaudenz Danuser"

A late entry from GNU and Nicolas Müller to the top 20 with this 'gram announcing that Nico had joined their illustrious ranks.


"We just dropped @wolfgangnyvelt and@blairhabenicht's full part from @absinthefilms 'Heavy Mental'! Head to now to watch Wolle scale this dam on a board with no bindings... Online for 48 hours only! | Photo: @scottsullivanphoto"

Wolle Nyvelt is freakishy good on his bindingless Äsmo pow-surfers. Here he is stuck to wall that most other snowboarders would be intimidated by fully strapped in.


"You really can't beat a good sunset. @stalesandbechenjoying a golden moment in Folgefonna. Front 9 tail | Photo: @frodesandbech"

Sunset, dude getting rad, helicopter. This was always going to be a popular one on Insta. Nice one Sandbechs!


"What lines will you paint on Earth's canvas this winter?@victordelerue leaves his mark in Italy | Photo: @matt_georges"

Probably the artiest, fartiest instagram we posted this year, but I guess a lot of you guys related to it. A sick shot no doubt!


"@sventhorgren was putting crazy grabs - like this roastbeef - and double shifties into heavy spins up on#stubai over the weekend. The whole crew of heavies were killing it, so peep our full @primeparksessionsgallery on our site to see more of Sven. Photo:@thomascopsey"

We headed out to Stubai again in November for the Prime Park Session and this is one that Ed-in-Chief Thomas Copsey snapped of Sven whirlybirding his way through a cab 12 roastbeef. Stylish as they come!


"There are very few feelings in the world that top this one. @tklocker bursting out of the white room while filming for the new series of #boyzntoyz. Episode 1 is up exclusively on our site now and it's incredible. Photo: @flojaeger"

A classic shot from Tom Klocker and Flo Jäger. I think we can all relate to this feeling.


"We just dropped @spencerobrien and @annagassersnow's new spring edit at These two ladies are at the forefront of women's snowboarding. Hit the link in our bio, edit is fire! | Photo: @sami_tuoriniemi"

Onboard was lucky enough to be invited out to Mt Hood by Nike Snowboarding last summer and our Director of photography was lucky enough to witness one of the best sunsets he'd ever seen. Here's Spencer O'Brien sending it into the dusk in the 8th most popular instagram of 2014.


"Can it hurry up and be winter already? @tklocker's full part dropped online at today and it had us frothing for some pow turns. Check it! | Photo:@flojaeger"

Tom Klocker and Flo Jäger score a second shot in the top 20 with this absolute beaut that had us frothing for a good faceshot.


"BYND X MDLS is back! Check @backstromkevin and@torlundstrom getting wild in Chile. The new intro sequence is the dogs titz! Hit the link in our profile to check it out | Photo: @gastonuribep"

This was the image that went with episode one of the new BYND x MDLS series. Kevin Bäckström sending it in Chile! Watch the episode here.


"@nicolasmuellair keeping it timeless with a huge method onto a virgin landing in Alaska | Photo:@oligagnonphoto"

And we're into the top 5! Nicolas Müller had to feature of course, and this huge method into an untouched pow landing in Alaska is definitely worthy.


"What's the most unusual spot you've ever seen? Here's Konna Tervonen aka @konnapuu with a backside 50-50 to frontside 360 out in Helsinki | Photo: @villelahtinen"

How's that for a striking feature? No surprises how this epic one did so well on Insta - congrats to Konna and Ville for making it happen!


"Have you seen @anttiautti's new movie Approach & Attack yet? If exploring the globe and blasting bottomless pow turns is your thing it's a must watch. It's live at now | Photo: @jkarppa"

Only three likes (yes, three!) separated the top three instagrams of 2014 at the time of writing, and Antti Autti's cover photo for Approach & Attack takes the bronze. What a beauty!


"Best #selfie ever? BYND x MDLS episode 2 with@backstromkevin @torlundstrom @hhelgason @ethanmorgan91 and more is live at now! Hit the link in our bio | Photo:@icecream4breakfast"

BYND x MDLS filmer and editor Ryan Scardigli scores what is easily the best selfie we've ever seen in the second most popular Onboard 'gram in 2014. Featuring Kevin Backstrom, Tor Lundstrom, Halldor Helgason and Ethan Morgan. Talk about a photobomb.


"One of our favourite snowboarders of the past 20 years, @jussioksanen, has announced that he will be retiring from professional snowboarding to focus on his company @mizulife. Thanks for all the good times and incredible video parts boss! | Photo: @dalbyphoto"

And the big daddy! First place (by only a single like mind you) for the most liked Instagram in 2014 goes to the boss that is Jussi Oksanen, sending a back double 10 into the abyss in Whistler. Jussi stepped back from professional snowboarding this season but his legacy will live on for years to come. A fitting tribute and a worthy winner!