Watch 10 of the most batshit crazy street riding full parts that dropped on the Onboard site in 2014; this countdown is comprised of the edits that had the most views up to December 12 2014, ergo had you most hyped to check out.

For this yearly rundown we've focussed on full parts that are 90% or more urban riding. There's none of your Alaskan lines, BC pow stomps or monumental park structures here - nope, this is all about the pure bred street segments and, dang, these are all straight up loaded with hammers.

Click through and prepare to be dazzled...

Though it wasn't in the Top 10 in terms of raw viewing numbers, we were hyped on what Sami put out in this re-edit of his footage from the 2014 Pirates' movie, Perceptions, and have included it here like we're playing out an editorial Joker's card.

Sami Luhtanen is a beast at snowboarding. The 21 year old Finnish rider is a wizard at skateboarding, and the influence in his snowboarding is difficult to miss. From big gaps to rails, to drops through building window frames, to an absolute beast of a creeper rail, Sami ticks a lot of boxes in this part.

Don’t miss the insanely technical backside 180 to switch 50-50 through a super long kink rail at 1.18 and the backside rodeo through the window frame ender that would have been quite possibly one of the scariest tricks to attempt ever.

Kicking off our official rundown of the most watched street parts on in 2014 is Nial Romanek's hammer part from Think Thank's 'Almanac'

Think Thank movies are always worth a look in, and Nial’s full part, the first we saw from Almanac, was the perfect insight into the movie. Nial Romanek takes the streets by storm in this three-minute bang-fest, with trick after trick on some incredible features.

Don’t miss the ‘wallride kicker’ at 2.22, the textbook backside nosepress front 180 out at 2.34, or the extra creative two-hit ender, but to be honest, the whole damn part is fire!

Even though it was only released a few days before we compiled this list, Kas's full part from Postland Theory's hammerfest 'Connect the Dots' more than deserved 9th spot coz the kid's a fucking wizard.

Over the past couple of seasons, Kas has quickly risen from unknown Dutch dome kid to one of the most respected rail riders on the European scene, and one of the funnest to watch, too.

This new full part from ‘Connect The Dots’ dropped fairly late, yet it is easily one of the stand out parts of the year. Kas effortlessly mixes riding that's fun to watch - he has a fresh approach to riding thanks to some creative multi-hit lines - with all the kind of technical tricks that will hype the purists.

From big gap to lipslides, to back 270 on to fakies, to that ridiculous front board ender, Kas is a rider with very big things on the horizon.

French Candian Brothers Factory rider Jeremy Cloutier doesn’t do things by half measure. His new full part undoubtedly featured some of the heaviest urban riding we saw all year.

They must put some kind of trick-stomping super juice in the water out in Quebec to secretly manufacture crazy talented street snowboarders. Jeremy Cloutier is a name you may not be that familiar with yet, but you totally should be.

Scott Stevens is always a shoe-in for run-downs like this, and duly makes his appearance thanks to this insanely awesome B-Roll - yep, B-Roll - from the new CAPiTA movie.

You'll no doubt be aware that Scott is one of the most innovative and creative snowboarders to ever strap in, and this here is just over 2 minutes of Stevens snowboard footage that duly set the interpipes alight.

With one-foot ice slides, tail blocks, hippy jumps, and stuff we don’t even know how to describe, it’s incredible to think that this is all footage that didn’t make it into his full part. What was in his actual part then?

Well, having seen the new movie, we can safely say that Scott’s part will leave your jaw hanging.

This was the first full part to be released from Videograss’ new movie ‘MAYDAY!’ and y'all voted with your fingers that Nick Dirk’s part was essential viewing!

With a super clean style and a refreshing approach to street riding involving launching massive gaps, spinning onto creeper rails and finding trannies all over the place, Nick is one exciting snowboarder to watch.

As a regular feature in the Videograss movies it was a fitting first release to hype ‘MAYDAY!’, which is one of the absolute must-watch movies this winter. And if the rider-list, with the likes of Sexton, Danimals, Lason, Fronius and many more doesn’t convince you otherwise, you need to get yo’ brain scanned!

Behold! Two and a half minutes of pure genius from everyone’s favourite Yawgoon, Dylan Gamache.

Dylan Gamache is a boss beyond words. His approach to hitting features is second to none, combining creativity, technicality, old-school flavour and some insane tricks.

Yawgoons put out his full part, combining some old footage with some brand new shots at Yawgoo Valley and in the streets, and this is nothing short of two and a half minutes of a-grade hammers. Don’t miss it.

Ryan Paul is such a boss at snowboarding, and he kindly unleashed some amazingly creative park and street boarding in his 2014 season edit.

Every now and then, an edit comes along that has you grinning ear to ear start to finish. Ryan Paul’s season edit is one of those videos.

From chair taps, to flips onto rails, to doubles in the streetcountry, to the amazingly flowing street rail line at the end of this part, Ryan Paul’s unique approach to the way he rides is super refreshing, opting for tricks that will hold your attention rather than being the most technical or most hucked.

Hell yeah Ryan!

Holy mother of the ghost of thanksgiving, Frank Bourgeois' new Brothers Factory part threw us for a loop. Hit play above to witness some of the darned heaviest street riding we’ve seen all year, if not ever.

How this kid is not a bigger name in snowboarding we don’t quite know, because between the massive roof drops, flips off walls, enormous transfers and much more, he damn well should be. Colour us beyond impressed.

Frank’s part continues the trend of ground breaking urban parts from French Canadians that we’ve seen over the past few seasons, and it makes us wonder what they put in their breakfast cereal over there. Speed-laced milk?

Yep, that guy again. You didn't think there'd be just the one Scott Stevens part in this list, did you? And such is the hype around Sleepy, that even though this part from Videograss's The Last Ones dropped late in 2013, it's still the second most watched street-riding edit from this year. Boss.

As the dudes at Videograss said themselves at the time: "We were able to help Scott film one of his best parts ever. He is a true genius, innovator, sleep eater, and all around amazing alien." Damn straight.

Dunh dunh daaaaaah! Aaand the most watched street snowboarding part in 2014 on our site was this brain bender from Seb Toutant.

Sebastien Toutant may be more well known for his ability to make 12s look like 5s in the most prestigious big air and slopestyle contests that snowboarding has to offer, but he also (evidently) knows a thing or two about sending it in the streets.

Watch Seb go full-retard on a bunch of eye-wateringly gnarly features. Look out for a hearty mix of tech jibbing, inverts to rails and much, much more.

Somebody go give that dude a pat on the back.