Alas, as the sun sets on another year in the futile loop of civilisation, take solice in some of the best snowboarding we've seen this year.

From backcountry booters to midnight urban rail missions, there's been some parts for the books this year. For us, this list shows the wide range of snowboarding that's out there, each with their own individual styles and skills.

The list is ordered from the views that each video got on the site in reverse chronological order. We've also included an 'Editor's Choice' as a part that didn't get the most views, but we think is a hammer part.

Sit back, out your goggles and wish you were riding. That's what we're doing anyway.

Mathieu Crepel is no stranger to going big on his snowboard. With numerous Absinthe parts under his belt and a all-terrain skill set to rival Bear Grylls’, Mat slays any terrain he comes across.

His part from the new Almo Films movie ‘No One Knows’ is an absolute banger, and is stacked to the ceiling with amazing powder shots.

Mark McMorris has had a whirlwind of a season. From going into the Olympics with a broken rib to topping the US Open podium, 2014 was no easy year for him.

Mark McMorris was the odds-on favorite to take the gold medal this year at Sochi 2014. After starting out the season as strong as ever by claiming a win at the Dew Tour, Mark was feeling unstoppable. Until he caught his edge going into a rail in the X Games slopestyle final.

Check what happened from there on in the full part!

Two and a half minutes of pure genius from everyone’s favourite Yawgoon Dylan Gamache.

Dylan Gamache is a boss beyond words. His approach to hitting features is second to none, combining creativity, technicality, old-school flavour and some insane tricks.

Frank Bourgeois‘ new Brothers Factory part threw us for a loop. Hit play above to witness some of the darned heaviest street riding we’ve seen all year, if not ever.

How this kid is not a bigger name in snowboarding we don’t quite know, because between the massive roof drops, flips off walls, enormous transfers and much more, he damn well should be. Colour us beyond impressed.

Check out Kevin Bäckström‘s full BYND x MDLS part, featuring all of his best shots from a year spent travelling with homie and partner in crime, Tor Lundström.

Kevin Bäckström has had one hell of a season. All winter long we followed him and his homie Tor Lundström’s adventures in BYND x MDLS and we’re stoked his full 2013/2014 part made it onto the list.

We gotta say that sometimes it ain’t easy to fully comprehend what exactly is going on in there. Scott is playing a whole different league and it’s super fun to watch him play!

Videograss - ‘Scott Stevens just might be the most creative snowboarder to walk the earth. Last year, with the support from 32, Etnies, Capita, Coal, Crab Grab, and Smith we were able to help Scott film one of his best parts ever. He is a true genius, innovator, sleep eater, and all around amazing alien. To see more from “The Last Ones", go download a copy now from iTunes or buy the DVD while supplies last.’

Nicolas. Müller. Full. Part. Never. Not. What more do you need to know? Watch one of the greatest snowboarders to have ever strapped in go wild in his full part from the Nike team flick, Never Not.

The dude just has so much control over his snowboard it’s phenomenal and pretty much everything he does – from simply turning to gapping one hell of a yawning mountain maw at the end – is full-on horn-inducing. This is a part for the ages.

The Burton Presents full part with Danny Davis, Ben Ferguson and friends is all about getting wild in the new Peace Park creation. How sick is that setup?

Now in its third year, the Peace Park has evolved into a mainstay in the annual shred calendar, bringing together a crew of passionate snowboarders to an innovative park setup for a week of progression and good times. It’s a fairly standard formula, but the quality of the riders (in terms of both ability and personality) and snow-shaping here really sets the Peace Park apart from the rest.

We can always count on Scotty Vine to drop a snowboard part that pushes the envelope of what is possible on a snowboard. His 2013/2014 full part is no exception, with some crazy creative snowboarding in the park, powder and streets.

Whether it be one-footed double backflips or one-foot boardslides through double kink rails, Scotty Vine has always been one to challenge what are perceived as ‘regular tricks’ on a snowboard.

Check the full part from Canadian contest boss Sebastien Toutant. Shit is SO HEAVY.

Watch Seb go full-retard on a bunch of eye-wateringly gnarly features. Look out for a hearty mix of tech jibbing, inverts to rails and much, much more.

Somebody go give that dude a pat on the back.

And the most watched part of the year belongs to the Baustrian himself, Mr Gigi Rüf...

In an inspired bit of video content, Pirate Movie Productions have decided to not only release one of the best movies of the year, but to also provide us with salivating full parts from each rider to dribble over to our hearts content.

Check Mr Gigi Rüf and his immeasurable talent in some of the most gnarly buttons terrain on the planet. If you didn’t peep Gigi’s inspired iceberg action, there’s a chance to get in on the Greenland action from the offset.