[splitpost intro="true" order="reverse" numbers="true"]It's that time of year again isn't it! Let me guess, you're either a) out shredding, you lucky bastard, or b) hard at work making an ass shaped dent in your sofa?

Oh, it's b) is it...?

Well don't worry, we're here to get you through. Christmas holidays can be a tough if you're living on a solid diet of leftover roasts and seasonal kids' films...

So what better time to take a break - look back at the year that has just gone and think of the good times? The snowboarding flicks that picked you up when you were down on your luck - and the ones that made you smile when you couldn't even remember the sight of snow.

So get comfy (again), throw some logs on the fire, switch off Finding Nemo (or wait for it to finish, it's actually pretty classic...) and get to work on these lot. As voted by you - or more specifically your page-clicks, the 10 most popular online full movies of 2013... enjoy:

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10. Search For A Cool Place

search for a cool place

9. We Out There

we out there

8. Still Hard

still hard danyalle

7. Take It Easy

take it easy

6. We Ride

we ride

5. Helgasons DTF

dtf helgason

4. Burton [Snowboarding]

burton presents [snowboarding]

3. Horgasm

horgasm a love story

2. Jake Blauvelt - Naturally


1. Nike's Never Not Part 1 + 2

nike never not

[part title="Search For a Cool Place"]

You know those moments when you watch a snowboard movie and then you are like “yeah cool" and forget everything about it? Well Search For a Cool Place was definitely not one of those!

Liam Gallagher's documentary is an exploration of snowboarding, mind-expansion, and especially a damn good movie about the sport we all love. Some of the world’s best riders and their friends set off to explore north american mountains - but not to look for the sickest line or the gnarliest backcountry jump, all they wanted to find was a cool place...

Starring: Jake Olson-Elm, Nick Dirks, Lucas Debari, Blake Paul, Alex Yoder, Mark Landvik, Forrest Burki, Wyatt and Cory Stasinos, Jason Robinson, Nick Russell, Tucker Burki, Dom Morelli, Morgan Hebert, Austin Smith, Tim Eddy, Shaun McKay, Matt Edgers, Ryland Bell, Kael Martin, Harry Kearny, Luke Thorington, Brendan Keenan, Ralph Backstrom and many more…

[part title="We Out There"]

We Out There is the first movie from loose cannons Ethan Morgan, Mario Käppeli and Flo Corzelius. If you like your shred porn to be full of banging riding, punk rock tunes and partying then we're sure you loved this...

At its core, It's a rags to riches story, with recurring themes of drinking, dancing and questionable behaviour... all the joys of being a rag-tag band of ridiculously talented young snowboarders.

As well as Morgan, Käppeli, and Corzelius, there are a few other homies showing face: Peter Koenig, Mario Wanger, Tom Klocker, Simon Pirchfer, Raffael Kossmann and Daniel Diedrich - oh and some Russian chick who's lost her underwear - ooh-err!

[part title="Still Hard"]

The all girl crew that brought us Too Hard came back this year with their second movie Still Hard - featuring more heavy snowboarding from some of the gnarliest female urban riders out there.

There's some pretty interesting/occassionally trippy editing in this one - and Danyalle Patterson is clearly developing her own style - but when it comes down to it, the riding at least speaks for itself, and that’s all that really matters.

So sit back and watch some sick footy of Alexa McCarty, Vanessa Moore, Taylor Elliot, Marie-Andree Racine, Rachida Aoulad, Laura Rogoski, Riley Elliot, Kumar Kelley, Mary Luggen, Joelle Juchi, Fancy Rutherford, Danyale Patterson, Desiree Melancon, Erin Comstock, Jessi Huege, Joanie Robichaud, Corinne Pasela, Leanne Pelosi, Hana Beaman, and Madison Blackley.

[part title="Quiksilver - 'Take It Easy'"]

One of the most anticipated movies of 2013. Quiksilver brought together a heavy squad of diverse riders for Take It Easy and made something that's an essential watch for everyone.

From big mountain lines to some of the most technical street rails you will ever see, this crew took to filming around the world hitting the streets of Helsinki, Finland, as well as the vast backcountry of Whistler, British Columbia. The film signified a bit of a change of the guard for Quicksilver with newcomers and young riders making up a significant part of the roster - but they're still keeping it as rad as ever.

Starring: Travis Rice, Will Lavigne, Danimals, Jake Olson-Elm, Ian Hart, Teo Konttinen, Bryan Fox, Johnny Brady, Ulrik Baderstcher, Kim Rune Hansen, Zebbe Landmark.

[part title="Burn We Ride"]

Burn’s We Ride is a generation-spanning historical look at the evolution of snowboarding. From Snurfers, to the clash of personalities between Tom Sims and Jake Burton - the legendary Craig Kelly, to Shaun White and Kevin Pearce and much more… it’s an insightful look at many of the moments that shaped what we do. We seriously recommend you make some time for this one.

[part title="Helgasons DTF (Down To Film)"]

BOOM. The Helgasons and their mastermind jester/coach/filmer Johannes Brenning dropped their third full length movie this year. As expected, ‘DTF’ is just under 20 minutes of incredible snowboarding, pissing about and tongue in cheek epicness. This right here is what snowboarding is all about.

DTF which of course, stands for Down to (ahem), Film is the follow up to the Helgason’s wildly successful Sexual Snowboarding and Pepping! projects.

Like the previous two movies it features Halldor and Eiki Helgason, plus a bunch of their friends including Gulli Gudmundsson, Ethan Morgan, Dylan Thomson, Jaeger Bailey, Kareem El Rafie, Leo Crawford, Kevin Bäckström, Tor Lundström, and Brendan Gerard. Also like the previous two movies, it features an epic open section which compiles a bunch of handpicked footage sent in by Halldor and Eiki’s many fans around the world. Slams’/bangers/pissing about, you name it, it’s in there.

[part title="Burton [Snowboarding]"]

Burton really mixed up the format this year - giving us not 1 movie, but 4, and releasing them all for free straight to online. Showing that, as always, they can roll with the punches of the modern era - we got Resort, Women, Street and Backcountry [Snowboarding] from some of the best in the world and this definitely helped us get stoked for the season.

You can take your pick - or watch all four below, it's up to you:

Burton Presents RESORT [Snowboarding]

Burton Presents WOMEN [Snowboarding]

Burton Presents BACKCOUNTRY [Snowboarding]

Burton Presents STREET [Snowboarding]

[part title="Horgasm - A Love Story"]

Torstein Horgmo’s mockumentary biopic, Horgasm, went live, free to watch online in the early months of 2013. Of course, we were stoked, as in our humble opinion it's one of the best snowboard movies we’ve seen in years - and it certainly offers something different. Doubling up as one of the funier shred flicks we've seen - think of this as your seasonal comedy, just with added hammers...

[part title="Jake Blauvelt's 'Naturally'"]

Ok, so we can only actually show you Blauvelt's full part (which is huge in itself), but we're sorry we couldn't leave this out. We did after-all have this online for free for a whole week earlier this year, and it was hugely popular, getting the second highest page views for a full film this year.

And it's not all doom and gloom if you want more of Naturally after this - for starters, you can also watch Eric and Shane's full parts right here on Onboard. Or you could go ahead and go for the full movie, available through any of the links below:

iTunes / Google Play / Amazon

[part title="Never Not Part 1 + 2"]

Never Not Part 2

... And here we are. The most viewed full online movie of 2013 - or at least part 2 of it. Between the two films Never Not knocked it out the park when it came to your video clicks, and even though we can only now stream part 2, we have to say their project is a worthy winner.

How could you not be filled with festive cheer after watching this? Hammers throughout, a full range of bangers from the streets of Russia all the way to the backcountry, Muller's poetic clsing speeches. Never Not is the daddy of all projects from Nike. Now that you've seen Part 2 you can also find Part 1 through the link below, or watch the rest of the 17 sequences that they've released throughout the year.

Never Not Part 1: download on iTunes