If you've had a busy October and haven't had much online time, these edits were the cream of the crop this month. There were a whole bunch of full movies also released, but we've elected to leave those out of this list becausue let's face it: if you didn't have enough time to watch these sub 5 minute edits, it's unlikely you'll sit through a 20min plus movie now, right?

Anyways, click through to watch some of the best snowboarding that October 2013 had to offer. You've got incredible powder parts, some mind-blowing female park steez and some of the most tech street riding we've seen since Jed Anderson's seminal part from last month.


[part title="Dillon Ojo Full Part"]

Talented young urban snowboarders are a dime a dozen these days but this part by Dillon Ojo definitely had us sit up and take note. Dillon is a young Cannuck who we'd heard of but weren't all that familiar with, who rides as part of the Nowamean crew.

His full part, which was the ender in the 'Bangarang' movie, has some heavy spots and some technical urban snowboarding in it, all with great style. We'll be keeping an eye on this kid fo' sho'.

[part title="Get Outta Town Episode 3"]

Explosive riding, amazing spots and a classic Fleetwood Mac tune. This is THE SHIT right here.

[part title="Nic Sauve Full Part from Deja Vu "]

If you're into next level urban snowboarding the Deja Vu movie was surely on your must-watch list for this season (it was on ours!). To celebrate the release of the movie on iTunes, Deja Vu unleashed Nic Sauve's full part onto the interwebs and as you might expect, it's pretty damn sick.

We're still not quite sure what they put in the water over in Quebec but the comment under the original post perhaps says it best with "I hear JP Walker clapping".

[part title="APPROACH & ATTACK: Antti Autti in the Trees"]

Antti Autti is dropping a new two year movie next autumn and will be teasing us with webisodes this season in the run up to its release. There's nothing better than riding fresh powder in the trees when it's greybird out and this first episode features Antti doing exactly that.

This edit shows us that it doesn't have to be bluebird for you to have a sick time on your snowboard.

[part title="Christy Prior Bossing it in New Zealand"]

We were totally impressed with this mini edit from Cardrona, New Zealand and fully expect Christy to continue killing it this season.

[part title="Halldor Helgason hits Hintertux"]

We have to admit that we're a little bit gay for Halldor Helgason. When he's not backflipping between buildings in a neck brace, Halldor can be found cruising the parks and streets anywhere there is snow and a good setup to be had.

In October, that place was the Hintertux glacier and this edit is everything you could want in your hourly 2 minutes of internet procrastination time: amazing snowboarding, quirky tricks (that Janet Jackson boardslide for example) and Halldor rocking Lederhosen like a boss.

[part title="Gigi Rüf Full Part"]

The word 'legend' gets bandied around a lot in snowboarding but it really is a pretty accurate noun for Mr. Rüf. His re-edited full part from Never Not is everything we could want in a Gigi part: big, technical and chock full of powder.

Don't miss the super stylish no-grab switch backside 180, it's pretty beast.

[part title="Joe Sexton's Full Part from Videograss' The Last Ones"] far this season, two jib parts have really stood out for us. Last month we had Jed Anderson's full part from Never Not which set the bar pretty freakin' high and this month we had a new online contender. Joe Sexton's opening part from Videograss' The Last Ones pretty much blew our minds when we first saw it.

It's got some ridiculous kink rails, one of the longest creeper rails we've ever seen on film and an ender that only a handful of riders in the world would be able to pull off. Sexton is such a boss.

[part title="Jamie Nicholls Park Laps edit from the Onboard Send Off Session"]

We've always got time for a bit of Nicholls footage. The lad from Yorkshire is one of the most consistent dudes through a terrain park, so we knew that his park laps edit from our Send Off Session would turn out alright, even if we did pick a pretty mincing song for it ;-)

[part title="Jake Blauvelt's 'Naturally' Full Part"]

Last but not least, we've got a full part that is once again essential viewing for anyone who has ever enjoyed riding powder on a snowboard. Jake Blauvelt's 'Naturally' movie aimed to show snowboarding in it's rawest form, with just as much emphasis being put on the art of turning as on stomping the biggest spins.

This full part represents all of his best shots from the movie, re-edited into one seven minute long epic. So if you missed the full movie while it was streaming here on Onboard for free, this is a pretty damn good compromise.

Of course, you can also grab yourself a copy of the movie from the iTunes store. It's well, well worth it.