As much as we want to be staying up to date with all the latest tricks from around the world, the allure of amazing food, booze and dodgy Christmas fancy dress parties can at times, be a little too strong.

Here are what we think are some of the very best edits to have dropped in the final month of 2013. From near-perfect park edits to some truly standout video parts, these ten edits are all essential viewing.

Have a gander and see if you caught them all!

First up, a new one from the undisputed selfie king...[splitpost intro="true" numbers="true"]

[part title="Epic New GoPro POV Edit from Tim Humphreys"]

Man, Tim Humphreys is a freak at shooting himself with his GoPro. We're not quite sure how he manages to keep the camera so damn still when he's chucking 900s over 60 foot + jumps but we applaud his tenacity and skill with his little box of tricks.

This one's got it all: pow shots, rails, park booters and one absolutely massive final hit on a hip out in the backcountry. Give it a watch and you'll never think of the GoPro selfie the same way again.

[part title="Get Outta Town Iikka Backstrom Full Part"]

Big, progressive and (most importantly), stylish backcountry freestyle from one of DC snowboarding's stalwarts. Iikka has been sending it in the BC backcountry for years and this new full part of his is textbook awesomeness.

[part title="The Spirit of Craig Kelly edit"]

In honour of his tragic passing 10 years ago, Burton put together this homage edit to Craig Kelly. Craig embodied what snowboarding is all about and if you're not familiar with his legacy this is a great place to start.

[part title="A Full Year with Len Jørgensen"]

Len Jørgensen straight up killed it in 2013. With rail contest wins, appearances in the amazing RK1 edits (more on those later...) and one of the best personalities in snowboarding, Len is definitely one to watch out for coming into the new year.

Even we only posted his season edit featuring all the best bits from Rome's 12 Months project yesterday, it actually dropped in December and we felt it had to be on this list.

Kid's a boss.

[part title="Nicolas Müller's Full Part from Never Not"]

Do you seriously need us to explain this one? Thought not.

[part title="Adidas Snowboarding - Welcome Kazu Kokubo Edit"]

Adidas delve into the elusive and individual personality that is Kazuhiro Kokubo in the final 'Welcome to Adidas' mini documentaries. Kazu is a boss and the story of his introduction to snowboarding and subsequent career is well a worth a watch.

[part title="Yawgoons 10"]

Everyone's favourite crew from Rhode Island in the US are back and are pushing boundaries once again with their rad DIY setups and creative approach to shredding. This one's all about a super-sick chain feature which the dudes completely shut down. Bold, technical jibbing at its finest.

[part title="Elias Elhardt Full Part from Distorted Reality"]

Dakine released Elias Elhardt's full part from Pirate Movie Production's 'Distorted Reality' and it was pretty much one of our favourite full parts of 2013. Elias always looks like he's having a ton of fun when he snowboards and does everything with an amazingly fluid, surfy style while going MASSIVE at the same time. Definite highlights in this part include the humungous cab 180 followed by front 180. We need more front ones in snowboard parts that's for sure.

[part title="Scott Stevens' Full Part from Videograss' The Last Ones"]

[part title="RK1 Destroy Keystone and Breckenridge"]