It’s that time of year again when we’re all gearing up to wave goodbye to another number in the calendars and usher in a new one filled with cranked toeside turns and powder slashes.

If you’ve already sacked off work to be out in the mountains good on you, and if you haven’t, well here is some visual inspiration to tie you over. We’re proud to present the top 10 most watched full crew snowboard edits on in 2014 (correct on Dec 11th 2014), in reverse chronological order.

Sit back, grab a plate of turkey and a glass of wine, and enjoy some of the finest shred flicks that have surfaced online over the past 12 months.

Rome Snowboards have never played the game quite like most brands. What they have done though is to make banging web-series.

This year was no exception with the 'Find Snowboarding' series. In their words "The only thing certain was that each trip would be centered on adventure, travel and unique elements of snowboarding."

To finish off the project, Will Lavigne and Thomas Delfino hit the open roads of Europe on a journey from Munich to Oslo. From there they met up with Stale Sandbech, Toni Kerkelä and Len Jorgensen to hit the Fonna glacier.

The Italian 'hwcls' (pronounced: how cool is) consists of Marco Grigis, Simon Gruber, Kevin Kok. Nicholas Bridgman & Nicolino Dioli. The 5 of them produce their own edits from their travels across the globe, and they're definitely one to watch for the future.

Their recap edit is just over 4 minutes of feelgood hammers and it’s well worth a watch if you like watching dudes send it on jumps with great style. We’re looking forward to seeing what these guys put out in 2015!

Scandalous Swedes Kevin Backström and Tor Lundström, returned for a third season of BYND X MDLS this year with a revamped intro spot that might well be the best in the game and snowboarding that'll make your knees shake.

We follow them in this episode as they go from Stockholm's Frontline Rail Jam to Stubai Glacier for some good ol' fashion kicker ripping.

Mr Halldor Helgason is one crazy ss motherfucker. As if his backflip roofgap wasn't enough last year, we were teased earlier this year with the POV of a new architecturally based stunt.

Since then, the full Sexual Snowboarding film 'NoToBo' has dropped which has a buffet of carrot dangling roofgaps, but at the time we were blown away by the sheer bat shit craziness of the hit.

The land of questionable food and a doddering monarchy have a lot of things going for them, but one thing they don't really have are proper mountains.

Hence it becomes an annual pilgrimage for rippers of the flatlands to journey to the mountains. UK shop Route One packed their team in a van and decided to go on the road well travelled, but rarely seen by many Brits.

Måns by name, man by nature. Not sure how many riders there are that would take a back double scorpion to the face and then go out and stomp a 1620, but who knows what they put in the snuss in Kläppen.

Seven minutes of straight up Scandinavian ripping. Not entirely sure how kids get so good, but when your outnumbered by moose 10 to 1, you probably find hobbies prettttty damn quickly.

Mt. Hood becomes the center of the universe for galaxy snowboarding each summer. Whilst the hats get bucket-ier and the pants more colourful, one thing is for sure: the riding will always be some of the best.

Nike Snowboarding sent their team to the Hood to get the banger footy, throw balls at kids and race through a course like rats. The glamorous life of a professional snowboarder eh?

There's only one thing we learnt from this edit.

The carpet doesn't always match the drapes.

It’s got to be said that this summer was the summer of Perisher edits. With the demise of Snowpark NZ and the weather in NZ being as predictable as when your mental ex is going to ring you at 04:30 in the morning, the land of Kangaroos is a much safer bet.

To match the international names that now frequent the sub-continent, the production side of edits has risen to meet it. Check out 'Trois' which is one of the finest produced in upside down land.

As a rule, we try not to post skateboard edits unless they have a solid link to snowboarding but we think this fit the bill. That, as well as the fact that it’s pretty damn cool.

Roope Tonteri is a honey badger to be reckoned with on water both in liquid and crystallised form as it turns out. Eero Ettala slays terrain on 50% of the boardsports we know of. Bloody Finns.

Bringing a new meaning to the term 'road beers' are Ethan Morgan and Halldor Helgason who attempted the ominous 'air beer' with their game of beer catch.

Does the sweet nectar made it from one of the parties to the other? To be fair, Ethan's helmet would distract Babe Ruth, so it's not surprising if it didn't.