Things you should stop putting in your edits

We're really wrapping up the year now - and as we look back in review there are plenty of good times and banging vids, and to be honest, a few that we'd rather forget...

With a good proportion of our time spent watching edits (amateur and pro) there are a handful of video-features we'd be happy to cut out of the edit-makers formula for 2014. So all you helmet-cammed, POV shot taking, sketchy editing, video up-loaders - pay attention. [part title="Crappy Audio"]

Nice one, you've made a sick vid, but you're still struggling with the audio? Screw it, no-one will notice if that sucks with they?

Wrong! There's no place for bad audio in 2014 - especially if the main sound in your clip is the wind viciously flaying the microphone or your live commentary getting lost in a sea of crackles. You can easily overdub it with the latest 'house classic' if you want - just make sure you lower the original audio - not like this guy:

[part title="Really bad POV Shots"]

There's a pretty select number of cases when the selfie angle works in an edit - and to be honest, we don't need to see your face as you ride pow. We definitely don't need a whole edit made of only that footage either - that's pretty much the opposite of fun for everyone apart from you. Cut it out or at least get some variety in there. [part title="Far Out/Shaky Followcam"]

Ok, so not a terrible edit overall - but you can leave shots like the one at 0.23 out for future reference. When there's a skier between you and the rider you're shooting, you're probably too far away - if it's shaky footy as well, it's pretty obvious you haven't got enough decent clips in the first place.

- And next time, maybe spend more time shooting and less time at the bar...

[part title="Slowmo Overkill"]

Yes, we know you're proud of the tricks you've got down this season, and you've worked real hard to get those hammers on tape - but not everything needs to be in slowmo. Maybe pick your personal highlights - or moments of exceptional steeze, and solo them out for a bit of extra attention. Not every damn clip! [part title="Tunes We've Already Heard"]

Uneducated song choices are the trademark of inexperienced editors - and the age old rule of thumb still applies today. If you think somebody else has used it - your safest bet is to steer clear. There's a pretty extensive, and growing, list of tracks that you probably shouldn't use in your edit. And to be honest, it's another area where a little bit of creativity goes a long way.

Here's one tip for next year - tracks by The Black Keys are probably out of bounds - they've been everywhere man: [part title="Gratuitous Lens Flare"] really like how this video managed to catch the light in each cut of this despite the camera remaining perfectly still...

I mean, we get it, you discovered this 'cool' effect to add to your vids and make the transitions look super rad. But yea, you can stop now... no seriously...

[part title="Zeaches"]

We're really sorry Suvi but that first rail is just a prime bit of zeaching in action. Don't get us wrong we're not going to call you out for everything that's not at a perfect right angle but if your edit's full of tricks you haven't quite got locked yet, maybe take it back to the drawing board...

[part title="Repeat Tricks"]

Repeated tricks are worse than bad song choices. For one, they're boring as hell - and to boot they show your limits. The same rule applies here as for bad shots - if you really feel like you need them, you probably didn't get enough footage in the first place, get a bigger memory card, charge up the battery pack and try again.

Or, at the end of the day, you can fit all of it into a minute long edit like this - it's more time than you think:

Very rarely, we actually need text to give us a little background. But if you're going to throw in some letters you should probably limit them to locations, rider names and credits. Please, for the love of all that is good and powdery - leave out the superfluous text. 99% of the time it's cheesy as hell. This vid isn't even close to the worst example we've seen either...