It all boils down to that age old saying that snowboarding isn't just a sport that you do when you feel like it and then toss aside for another year. It's cliche as shit to say but it's like, a lifestyle bro.

We thought we'd try and illustrate a few of these things using the hugely hyped, yet rapidly fading medium that is Vine.

We hope you enjoy them, and look out for part two dropping in a week or so's time:

Vine Animations by Mike Brindley[splitpost intro="true"]

[part title="Geeking Out Over Perfect Handrails in Cities "]

Snowboarders and skateboarders look at cities in very different ways to regular people. What seems like a regular handrail for grannies to cling onto to Joe Bloggs could represent endless trick possibilities to a snowboarder. All it would need is a little snow and it would be game on...

[part title="Wearing Caps and Beanies Indoors, Like, All the Time"]

'Regular people' just don't understand our fascination with headwear. No, we don't have a bald patch under there, and yes, we are a little hot wearing our beanies in here thanks to you sweaty mugs, but chucking that hat on in the morning and rocking it, is kinda our way of showing the world that we do rad stuff, and we're a little different to you and your suit collection. Plus my hair looks like shit today.

[part title="Invisible 'Finger Snowboarding' "]

Another example of how snowboarders and skateboarders are constantly visualising tricks and thinking of lines in their heads. What is it about the edges of plates and books that just screams 'go on, front-noseblunt me with your fingers!?'

[part title="Getting Into Fights Over First Tracks"]

In general, this one isn't such a problem over in Europe (unless maybe you're somewhere like Chamonix...), but across the pond in North America, when it snows a bunch over night, people frequently lose their shit over wanting to be the first people out there. We can sort of understand how you'd want to smack a queue jumper in the face if you've been camped out by a gondola since 5am to be the first guy out onto the hill... But all of that stress and agro over some snow? 'Regular people' just wouldn't get it.

[part title="Speaking Snowboarder Speak"]

While words like sick, rad, stalefish, zeach and so on and so forth mean very definite things to us as snowboarders - using them around regular people can confuse the hell out of them. At best they think we're 'hippy surfer types' and at worst they think we're actually speaking some kind of foreign language...