Well, we're through the rodeo that always is X Games. There's few competitions that polarise snowboarding quite as much as the olde X.

In one corner you have people that think that they're the devil, corrupting our youth and getting 'em to do tricks like they're performing monkeys.

The other corner see it for the beast it might well be. It's commercial, it's a bit cheesey, and there'll always be a bit of ESPN storytelling going on, but as one of the biggest action sports TV products that there is, we guess that's to be expected.

Our opinion? We'll keep that one to ourselves. But, we shall share with you what we've learnt from this years X Games circus. Without further ado...

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Look for Cheryl Maas on the right of the screen trying to give Silje some love. This is the most awkward thing we’ve ever seen. Come on Silje, get it together!


We’re really glad we didn’t have to judge any of the finals. Hands down, worst job at the X Games. In short, these seem to be the main beefs some people have:

Taku Hiraoka vs Danny Davis for gold in halfpipe

Spencer O'Brien vs Podium girls

Mark McMorris vs Ståle Sandbech for gold in slopestyle

Sage Kotsenburg vs everyone

We're just really, really, really glad we’re not judges. What we will say though, is that if X Games used SLS, it would be a whole lot easier to have the individual tricks broken down. WTF ESPN?

As predicted, to podium at this year's X Games Big Air contest you had to go upside down three times and spin a lot. All 6 of the top runs from Mark McMorris, Max Parrot and Yuki Kadono were triple cork variations, and as difficult as we know they are, we still wish we would see more variety in the event.

At the end of the day, these guys need to do the tricks that they believe will get them onto the podium, so what really needs tweaking to break the triple-cork monotony is the contest format and judging criteria.

Jamie Anderson is smoother than butter. Christy Prior is super stylish. Silje Norendal is upping the technicality. Spencer O’Brien is bolts. Enni Rukajärvi slays it.

Women’s snowboarding is super rad.

A video posted by Sage Kotsenburg (@sagekotsenburg) on

For some reason that is unbeknownst to everyone apart from the head of programming at ESPN, there's no footage from X Games apart from the winning runs.

If there was, we'd have a video of Sage's backside 1260 off-the-heels which makes Seb Toots and Markus Kleveland look like groms. So, you'll just have to settle for some of his Vishnu inspired grabs.

Spenny OB is a certified OG, we knew that already. She also bossed a hefty backside 900 to the pits of hell on her last hit in the slopestyle finals. However, Spenny isn’t the first lady to stomp a 900 in competition.

That accolade goes to another certified boss lady by the name of Cheryl Maas. Cheryl put one down at the X Games Tignes in 2011. We know France is a long way away from Aspen, but they do have the internet/video evidence of it happening as well by the way…

Also, Craig McMorris said that Taku was the Olympic silver medalist, when he was in actual fact the bronze medalist. Commentating is a tough gig though, so we'll let him off the hook. Just this once.


We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again; Sven Thorgren is approaching peak beast mode. Not only content with giving the Russian doll the hardest thumping in Sochi, Svenny’s not far off giving the podium a good wack in the future.


Whilst it’s a super impressive feat to take X Games gold in a 22ft halfpipe at the age of 14 – we were a little worried that in Chloe Kim’s post-run interview, she said “well, my coaches told me that I should start grabbing everything, so I made sure I grabbed everything".

Once again, no disrespect, but it does worry us that she needs to be told to grab when she spins…we could completely be taking thing out of context though. We hope we are in all honesty.


Ex-Forum-ite and slayer Eddie Wall is a judge! So is Chad Otterstrom. Rad!


His parents must've not liked him very much.