Chas Guldemond working that Million $ smile.

In everyone's life, there comes a time where maybe, and just maybe, you should say no. You get offered drugs? Say no! You are asked to rob a bank? Say no! You are challenged to do a drag race while under the influence? Say no! It's suggested that you do a photo shoot with a husky puppy, thus representing your country at the Winter Olympics with these shots? WHAT THE HELL, OF COURSE I'M GONNA DO THIS!

This is us reaching out to the marketing guys behind the US Olympics Team: What did you smoke and please, can you send us some of this over? We've had a pretty dull day at the office and are in desperate need of inspiration. Thank you in advance!

Hannah Teter loving it. The Husky doesn't seem to be impressed.

Kaitlyn Farrington and the husky whose face expression was inspired by the Monster girls.

Sadly, some of the contestants didn't want their puppy photo to be published, but luckily for you, we pulled some strings and got them anyways. Check out Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Shaun White and Sage Kotsenburg having the puppy-time of their LIVES on the next page.

[part title="White, Kotsenburg, Lago, Davis and some Puppies"]

danny davis husky

Danny Davis being so happy about his puppies that he has to close his eyes.

scotty lago husky
shaun white husky
sage kotsenburg husky

Unfortunately not everybody gets to go to the Olympics and thus get a puppy photo shoot. But as we have a really big heart, we provided a bunch of our favourite riders with a special "Don't be sad, you're so fabulous you don't even need to go the Olympics, here's a puppy for you!" shoot. Watch the adventures of Helgason, Haakonsen, Müller, Morgan and friends on the next page.

[part title="Helgason, Morgan, Müller, Haakonsen and puppies"]

halldor helgason husky
ethan morgan husky
Participants - Lifestyle

Terje Haakonsen and Nico Müller having a continental breakfast. Husky doesn't care.

gigi rüf husky