With the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics fast approaching and the final qualification events pretty much wrapped up, we thought it would be a good time to round up exactly who in snowboarding will be heading to the Olympics, kicking off officially on the 7th February.[splitpost intro="true"]

It's been said that for the larger countries at least, qualifying for your country's Olympic team is actually harder than competing in the Olympics itself. And with the multiple FIS World Cups over the past couple of seasons, national team selection events and pressure from the wider public, we can totally see how the road to Sochi has been a long an arduous one for every snowboarder involved. You'd have to pay us a lot of money to do it ourselves...

Seb Toots sending it into outer space. Photo: Cyril Müller

We're not going to go into all the detail on each country's entry requirements because they're super dull and to be honest, we can't be bothered to look them all up.

Instead, we'll give you the important stuff: which riders, from each country, will be lining up at the top of the slopestyle course and halfpipe waiting to send it for their country.

Click through for a country-by-country report on the confirmed riders for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics or hit the links below to jump straight to that page. We'll be adding more countries and riders as and when they're confirmed:

United States Olympic Snowboard Team 2014

Norwegian Olympic Snowboard Team 2014

Canadian Olympic Snowboard Team 2014

Great British Olympic Snowboard Team 2014

Australian Olympic Snowboard Team 2014

[part title="United States Olympic Snowboard Team 2014"]

With so many top-level riders hailing from the US of A, qualifying was particularly tough ask. US riders had five events in which to post their strongest results in both halfpipe and slopestyle, with their top 2 scores counting.

After the entire Breckenridge event was cancelled due to bad weather, three slopestyle and halfpipe Grand Prix events were held last week at Mammoth Mountain, the scores from which were combined with the prior two events to determine the slope and halfpipe Olympic team. It was so confusing that Pat Bridges of Snowboarder Mag had to make an entire video explaining it.

So far the team stands like this:


Shaun White

Sage Kotsenberg

Chas Guldemond

Ryan Stassel


Greg Bretz

Danny Davis

Taylor Gold

Shaun White


Jamie Anderson

Jessika Jensen

Karly Shorr

Ty Walker


Kelly Clark

Kaitlyn Farrington

Arielle Gold

Hannah Teter

Our take on the team:

With 3 Olympic medallists including Shaun White and Kelly Clark in their halfpipe teams, the US will be a force to be reckoned with in the stunt ditch and our money is still on Shaun to take gold in pipe.

On the slopestyle side of things the US have got the favourite for Olympic gold in Jamie Anderson and it will be interesting to see how Shaun White fares against very strong Norwegian and Canadian teams.

Though they may be underdogs in the grand scheme of things we're totally hyped that Sage Kotsenberg and Danny Davis made the US team. These two dudes are exactly what snowboarding is all about: style, not taking yourself too seriously and keeping it stylish. We know we'll be able to count on them to keep their runs creative and exciting and and we're rooting for them!

[part title="Norwegian Olympic Snowboard Team 2014"]

With Slopestyle featuring in the Olympics for the very first time in 2014, we knew right off the bat that the Norwegians would be playing a big part. With the first ever triple cork being stomped by Torstein Horgmo and countless other Norwegians having mastered the trick since, we could very well see a Norwegian at the top of the podium in Sochi. Here's who will be chucking them at Sochi in February:


Stale Sandbech

Gjermund Braaten

Torstein Horgmo

Emil Ulsletten


Kjersti Buaas

Silje Norendal

Our take on the team:

There's really no telling what's going to go down here but what's for certain is that the Norwegians will feature HEAVILY in the slopestyle. Our money is probably on Stale and Torstein getting properly stuck in on the mens side of things while both Silje and Kjersti also have a very good chance of getting on the women's podium.

[part title="Canadian Olympic Snowboard Team 2014"]

Here's who will be sending it for poutine, beavertails and A&W:


Mark McMorris

Sebastien Toutant

Maxence Parrot

Charles Reid


Spencer O’Brien

Jenna Blasman


Brad Martin

Crispin Lipscomb

Derek Livingston


Mercedes Nicoll

Alexandra Duckworth

Katie Tsuyuki

Our take on the team:

While (we're sorry to say it) Canada's halfpipe team probably won't be making too much of a splash at Sochi, our money is on there being at least one Canadian on the slopestyle podium.

Mark McMorris is still the odds-on favourite for the gold, and judging on his recent performances he can definitely go all the way if he can handle the pressure. Sebastien Toutant, Max Parrot and Spencer O'Brien are also worth watching, and could easily upset the balance.

[part title="Great British Olympic Snowboard Team 2014"]

For a country with very few actual mountains, Great Britain has a solid Olympic team going into Sochi 2014. Here's who will be repping ol' Blighty:


Jamie Nicholls

Billy Morgan


Jenny Jones

Aimee Fuller


Ben Kilner

Dom Harington

Our take on the team:

It's difficult not to be a little biased here seeing as two thirds of our editorial team is British but we reckon the Brits have a fighting good chance in slopestyle. Billy Morgan has been posting consistently high results over the past couple of seasons and has the a run that could podium if he executes it well enough. Jamie is phenomenally good on both rails and jumps and has a newly learnt triple cork under his belt so it will be interesting to see how he fares on the day.

Jenny Jones has been bossing women's slopestyle for a while and is surely a medal contender for Team GB, while Aimee Fuller has a mean double backflip which we're hoping we'll see in her runs.

[part title="Australian Olympic Snowboard Team 2014"]

For a land populated with Kangaroos and creatures that kill you on sight, the Aussies have some pretty solid snowboard talent:


Scotty James


Torah Bright


Nathan Johnstone

Scotty James

Kent Callister


Torah Bright

Stephanie Magiros

Hannah Trigger

Our take on the team:

One only needs to look at the last Olympic women's halfpipe podium and the qualifying list above to see exactly who their flagship rider is. Torah Bright was supposedly going for gold in all three olympic snowboard disciplines (including boardercross), but we're only certain of her qualification for pipe and slope.

The Aussies will definitely give it a good crack, just don't give them alcohol...

Look out for more confirmed snowboard teams to be added to this list shortly!