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Overshooting It – 14 Riders Sending It WAY Too Deep

You’ve got to admire the guy/girl who’s first up, takes a hit for the team and tests the kicker. Even if they’re only in that tight spot for loosing a game of roshambo, it takes some stones to send it and gamble that you’re gonna get the speed right.

For anyone who’s ever hit a knuckle, it can be tempting to just go full pelt, nothing’s worse than getting caught short right? Well that’s true up to a point, and once you’ve past that you’re in for a whole world of pain – sending it way past the landing sucks really hard. And the worst thing? If you’ve overshot and you’re hanging 20ft above the knuckle, there’s a lot of time for you to watch your landing coming. If you remember them afterwards – they’re sure to be some of the longest seconds in your life.

Here’s a bunch of riders who should have a scrubbed just a little bit more speed…

Lance Hakker

It’s pretty hard to believe how casual Lance Hakker is about this overshoot. We guess it’s a little bit easier to be chill if you’ve checked your body parts are all still attached, and you’ve (somehow) ridden out undamaged. It looks like Lance manages to take the hit on his tail after getting over-zealous on this huge kicker at the Mammoth Superpark – luck or experience, this could have gone a whole lot worse.

Jonathan Lindhe

Unfortunately we only get a split second clip of Jonathan Lindhe’s overshoot from Random Bastards’ Spring Break edit, but that’s all it takes for him to clear the whole frickin’ landing. If you watch in slomo you can see he’s employed the same technique as Lance to take some of the impact – and presumably it worked as he’s getting a lift back up in the next shot. It’s alright for some…

Hana Beaman

…others don’t get quite so lucky. This is in fact Hana Beaman from the Too Hard crew taking one to the grill. It isn’t the worst overshoot we’ve ever seen but the fact that Hana’s face takes a good proportion of the impact makes this painful to watch.

As is the way in the modern age, while one of her homies comforts her, the other one grabs a snapshot on her phone – no doubt that’s a moment she’ll want to savour.

Rainbow Rail Overshoot

We really hope this sideline advice translates as ‘you’re doing it wrong’.

Emilia Vanni

You might need to tweak the volume a little for this one, it’s pretty quiet. Emilia’s Vanni’s trick tip format has some good advice for what to do once you’re committed to sending it large – but we probably still wouldn’t recommend you give this a go.

Typically Scottish humour from the W.B.B. crew, who are well used to taking it on the chin (badum-tish).

Travis Rice

Chad’s Gap has long been famed for huge hits and huge slams, but if anything, it’s getting enough speed that riders normally struggle with.

Travis Rice has clearly never had that problem…

Kid’s Do the Darndest Things…

‘Aww, did you see that? He did a cannonball as he plummeted MILES PAST THE LANDING, how sweet dear…’

You get the impression this could just be a throwaway clip from a family holiday vid – that is until you see the speed this kid is taking into the kicker, and the subsequent ‘cannonball’ pose he adopts as he heads into the impact. We’re pretty sure that the brace position they recommend on airplanes doesn’t quite work in these circumstances, sorry dude…

Not to worry, he’s probably just another one of those supergroms.

Seb Toots

Temporary and new kicker builds add a whole other element to judging speed – as Sebastien Toutant found out at his first Air and Style event in 2009. He employs the double foot kick with expertise here to keep himself level, but unfortunately that was never going to counter the fact that he was still rising upwards as he cleared the knuckle.

Seb did of course make a full recovery eventually, but this is still pretty savage.

Fredi Kalbermatten

Now for something a bit more light hearted. Fredi K went huuuge off this backcountry cheese wedge way back in 2012, and if it wasn’t for a whole heap of powder, this could have been pretty serious.

Luckily, thanks to a forgiving angle, Fredi was able to just stand up and shake off this hit, that’s not to say he didn’t feel that crunch on impact…

Scotty Lago

‘Scotty Lago goes bigger than you’

… we never said he didn’t.

Helgason, Lago and Clancy

So, incase you were wondering, you are watching the same superpark kicker as Lance Hakker’s clip, but this time it’s two minutes of overshoots, knuckles and general slam action. There’s a whole bunch of pros in here including Halldor Helgason, Kyle Clancy and Scotty Lago, and this edit surely goes a long way toward’s confirming Mammoth’s claim for most sketchy kicker.

Gigi Rüf

Gigi Rüf’s part in Absinthe’s Futureproof is a full-blown classic. And so is this overshoot, which is surely engrained in history as one of the biggest and most memorable ever. So, so heavy.

Seth Hill

Seth Hill seems to have an uncanny ability for overshooting kickers. Last spring Seth overshot a beast of a jump in the Pyrenees and luckily, camera crews were there to capture it in all it’s glory. Oh, and there’s also a POV angle too.

Just this summer, Seth had the extremely unpleasant experience of breaking his back while he was out in Mt. Hood. The cause of his injury? You guessed it, overshooting a hip.

We’re glad Seth is all mended up good now and hope he’ll be letting someone else check the speed for him next time, give yourself a break man!

Honourable Mentions

Skiers have their fair share of overshoots too. You might remember Teddy Berr’s from our 15 Skier Fails post… Here’s one that tops it though, purely for the hang time and crumpling impact, we have to give an honourable mention Simon Dumont.

Token undershoot – don’t do this either:



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