[splitpost intro="true"]Much like how Facebook has become an integral part of our day to day lives, it has to be said that Instagram is here to stay too. And while snowboarders are guilty as charged of bombarding us with content on a daily basis, we have to admit that Instagram videos are pretty damn sick.

In a day and age where edits flow thicker and faster than sweet nectar from a Bavarian beer barrel during Oktoberfest, Instagram videos are straight to the point and incredibly easy to digest.

Hidden amongst the many 15 second clips of our favourite riders messing around in the snow are some real gems that can easily get lost in the context of a full web edit.

We've churned through hundreds of Instagram videos to pick out some of our favourites from this winter and beyond. From hammer tricks, to funny stuff, to epic faceshots, it's all here. We'll be adding to this list as we come across new videos that we like so check back now and again to catch the latest ones:

[part title="Ståle Sandbech's Flip Party"]

Ståle Sandbech is an Olympic silver medallist that still knows how to have an epic time on his snowboard. Here he is getting upside down at Folgefonna with a whole bunch of his homies.

[part title="Eiki Helgason's Rock Roll"]

Eiki Helgason is well worth following on Instagram. With an amazing eye for creativity and some pretty unreal snowboard and skate tricks in pretty much everything he puts out, we promise that you will be entertained. Take this 50-50 pop over, rock roll to fakie for example. How many other riders would think of doing that?

[part title="Brage Richenberg Crushing It"]

Brage Richenberg is one of the riders that really stood out to us this season, and after winning the Burton European Open, that extra attention is more than justified. Here he is with a couple of extra stylish park tricks. That backside 450 to front board? So sick.

[part title="Send Off Session Picnic Bench Shred"]

Not to float our own boat here (ok, that's a lie...), but our Instagram account totally kicks ass. Here's a super fun picnic bench session that went down with Roope Tonteri, Peetu Piiroinen, Markku Koski and Ville Paumola when the weather got super shitty at our Onboard Send Off Session this past May.

[part title="Denis Leontyev's New Combo"]

Denis Leontyev is a freak at riding rails. Here he is working on a new spinny, flippy combo that we would have a real hard time naming.

[part title="Gulli Gudmundsson and the Mega Kink"]

Here's a throwback to one of the craziest kink rails that we've ever seen in a snowboard movie. Gulli was shooting for the Standard Films '2112' movie as well the Helgasons' 'Pepping' when he put down this beast of a 50-50.

[part title="Len Jørgensen and Friends at Folgefonna"]

It's no secret that we're big fans of Sir Frame Face, aka Len Jørgensen's snowboarding. Here he is with some wild slush stunts up at Folgefonna. And what the hell is that last trick?

[part title="Christy Prior Method"]

You can't go wrong with a method. Doing a controlled one on a kicker as big as this is easier said than done, although Christy Prior's got it down to a science.

[part title="Eiki Helgason Handplant Flips"]

Here's another one plucked straight from the swollen cerebral cortex of Eiki Helgason. What would you call these two handplants?

[part title="Thomas Feurstein Pipe Slash"]

An absolute beaut of a pipe slasher in the Les 2 Alpes summer park shot just a few days ago.

[part title="Travis Rice Getting Mad Faceshots"]

Press play and imagine it's you.

[part title="Tim Humphreys Sending It In Mammoth"]

We couldn't leave out a vid from the undisputed king of the GoPro selfie now could we? Tim Humphrey's Instagram account is stacked with insane GoPro shots and short clips, and this one from Mammoth is pretty good for giving you an idea of what Tim sees when boosting off 80 footers.

[part title="Olav Stubberud's Double Corks"]

As you'll find out if you read our recent interview with him, RK1 filmer and snowboard/fashion photographer Olav Stubberud is a level 10 boss. Here he is trying to keep up with the rate of snowboard progression by hucking double backflips (and failing) for days. It gave us a pretty good chuckle.

[part title="Sage Kotsenburg's Laid Out Backflip"]

Even though he has medals made of gold (and bacon) dangling around his neck these days, Sage Kotsenburg still knows where his priorities lie - keeping it fun and cheerful on his snowboard. Sage has got a seriously mean laid out backflip, and Max Warbington's pokey back 1 is pretty damn tasty too.

[part title="Markku Koski and Fredu Sirvio Jibbing in a Sumo Suit"]

Here's one to remind us all that snowboarding is nothing if not fun. Eero Ettala, Markku Koski and Fredu Sirvio jibbing, jumping and spinning in sumo suits!

[part title="Niklas Mattsson Crushing It in Sweden"]

Swedish ripper Niklas Mattsson is perhaps one of the most criminally underrated snowboarders on the planet. From super technical rail hits to triple corks, Niklas can do it all, and with amazing style. This Insta vid is the perfect example of that Mattsson style. The kicker tricks in it may only be two 360s, but the double hand drag backside version and super slow styled out front 3 are about as sexual as they come.

[part title="Toni Kerkelä gets Towed in by a Horse"]

We all know that getting speed to hit features in the streets can be a challenge sometimes and have traditionally resorted to winches, bungees and cars to help us achieve that much need propulsion. Toni Kerkelä had none of those things handy but did have a horse willing to help out instead. #horsepower

[part title="Seb Toots Backside 900 off the Heels"]

Seb Toots is a beast at snowboarding. While he was in Australia at The Mile High, he put down what we think is one of the first flatspun backside 900s off the heels. It's such a sick looking trick, and is way, way harder than it looks.

[part title="Eero Ettala Backcountry Double Cork "]

Eero Ettala stomps a ridiculously sick double cork in Saas Fee, Switzerland in the new Cooking With Gas episode. What a beaut!

[part title="Will Smith's Ultimate Tranny Finder!"]


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British rider Will Smith was up sessioning Braehead snowdome in Scotland recently and logged some hammers. Tranny-finder extreme! [part title="Alex Andrews Car Creeper Rail"]

Been hanging with @yawgoons @killingtonparks for the past couple days, @drbrendan filmed this after our epic pow day! #creeper #itsonlyarental #yawgoons @hitcase #hitcase #goodtimes

A video posted by Alex Andrews (@alexandrews) on

Alex Andrews risks a fresh insurance claim with this car creeper rail jib.

Stay tuned for more Instagram videos to be added to this list on a regular basis