The 2015 Onboard Send Off Session in Levi was one for the books. Not only did we have a whole bunch of Europe's best snowboarders in attendance throwing down on the features, but we also invited 8 crews to film their own edits.

All eight edits have now been released, and we've complied them all here for you to check out.

After the session, we invited all of the riders, filmers, photographers and Onboard staff to vote for their favourite edit, with the winning crew receiving a wad of cash to do with as they please.

We will be announcing the winner shortly, but in the meantime, Which edit do you think is worthy of winning? Hit next to check them all out and let us know!

The Almo Films crew brought a little bit of everything to the Onboard Send Off Session in Levi, Finland. With the wild, creative flair of Jørn Simen Aabøe and Markus Olimstad, to the insanely sick style of Sebbe de Buck, the guys threw down on all of the features on offer at the session.

Don’t miss Jorn’s loose flips off the stall feature, Sebbe de Buck’s hits on the mega-hip, or his burning log bonk miller flip – a moment that was a definite standout of the entire week.

Riders: Sebbe de Buck, Jørn Simen Aabøe and Markus Olimstad

Film/Edit: Mathieu Mazuel

Cover Photo: Matt Georges

Kevin Backstrom, Tor Lundstrom and Max Buri took creativity to the next level at the Onboard Send Off Session. The boys spent a bunch of time shaping their very own rhythm section in the woods of Levi, and with a bonfire, and some awesome features integrated into it, the final result was truly one of a kind.

Of course, no sunset kicker shoot would be complete without Kevin and Tor’s instantly recognizable styles, and it was so sick to see the pair throwing down dual frontside 360s as the sun petered towards the horizon.

Riders: Kevin Backstrom, Tor Lundstrom, Max Buri

Film/Edit: Dasha Nosova

Cover Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi

Hailing from Finland, the 292 crew rocked up to the Onboard Send Off Session in Levi with tons of energy and enthusiasm, and it definitely shows in their edit from the week.

Featuring some stylish, technical riding from Tatu Toivanen, Aapo Enqvist and Ville Mustonen, these young bucks will no doubt become staples in the Finnish shred scene.

We were particularly hyped on the bike trail features, creative editing and good mix of tricks in this one. Be sure to keep an eye out on these kids in the future – they’re on the come up for sure!

Riders: Tatu Toivanen, Aapo Enqvist, Ville Mustonen

Film/Edit: Tuukka Korhonen

With riders from Switzerland in David Djite and James Niederberger and as far as Australia in pipe ripper Kent Callister, the SHRED crew was just about as diverse as they come.

Dave took a nasty slam towards the end of the week, catching his toe edge on a ride-out from the big kicker which ended his session and landed him in hospital with a fractured skull, broken ribs and a bunch more problems. He’s back home in Switzerland now and we wish him the speediest of recoveries.

Injuries aside, watch as the trio butter, jib and jump their way through our week long Send Off Session in Finland. From the big kicker, to the rail garden, to the bike-trail features in the woods, David, James and Kent found some great lines and put down a ton of hammers along the way.

Riders: David Djite, Kent Callister, James Niederberger

Film/Edit: Alvaro Vogel

Once strictly a British snowboard crew, Grindhouse broadened their horizons this season by enlisting a slew of insanely talented Finnish snowboarders. Their edit from the Onboard Send Off Session in Levi is an absolute banger, with a great mix of shots on all of the features on offer.

With a mellow rock tune and some hammers from Janne Lipsanen, Antti Jussila and Sakari Lähdesmäki, this one’s not to be missed.

Riders: Janne Lipsanen, Antti Jussila, Sakari Lähdesmäki

Film/Edit: Jamie Durham

Finnish WOP crew came out guns blazing at the Onboard Send Off Session in Levi, bringing together three super talented riders (Sami Luhtanen, Ville Paumola and Jeppe Rontti) to the many features we had littered across the resort.

Sami Luhtanen bagged a whole heap of shots, whether it was gapping off the container feature to flat, finding new lines, or popping monster ollies off the flat, he was riding like an over-excited puppy let off the leash.

We’re really digging the overall vibe of this one, with a laid-back folk song and video footage that harkens back to the old VHS 4:3 aspect ratio skate movies that so many of us grew up watching.

Riders: Sami Luhtanen, Ville Paumola, Jeppe Rontti

Film/Edit: Tobias Tianien

The Snackbreak crew blew everyone away at the Onboard Send Off Session in Levi with their unwavering enthusiasm and ability to get involved with every session.

From first chair to last call, Joonas Eloranta, Johann Rosén, Tommi Ollikainen were out on the grind, logging shots on the Levi park features and getting creative on everything else they could find.

The fun that they had during the week definitely shows in their edit, and we look forward to seeing more from these three crusaders in the future.

Riders: Joonas Eloranta, Johannus Rosén, Tommi Ollikainen

Film/Edit: Tommi Ollikainen

What do you get when you let loose three Finnish Olympians (including silver and bronze medallists) on a collection of heavy features hewn from the snow and ice at Levi Ski Resort? Hint: some damn fine snowboarding!

Peetu Piiroinen, Markku Koski and Janne Korpi were three of the most experienced riders at the Onboard Send Off Session, and came out guns blazing from the word go. From Peetu’s stratospheric frontside air on the mega-hip, to Markku’s surgical dissection of the features, this is surely one of the standout crew edits from the session.

Riders: Peetu Piiroinen, Markku Koski, Janne Korpi

Film/Edit: Mikael Ahtikari