girls who rip harder than you

We really hope that this doesn't apply to snowboarding - but it feels like there is still an undertone around that says street snowboarding isn't for the ladies. Competitions and olympic dreams are fine, but sketchy handrails don't fit the profile...

Not to pick on Burton's Women [Snowboarding], but for one of the biggest Women's only releases this year there was a definite focus on backcountry, pipe and park - and a pretty high ratio of talking for each banger too.

Look past that, and you'll see that there's a quiet urban uprising going on - there's been some serious parts put down, and all girl films that definitely deserve a watch. Dr Dre once said 'bitches can't handle the streets' - here's 14 girls who beg to differ:

[part title="Corinne Pasela"]

Roxy rider Corinne Pasela took to street riding with the boys in Cleveland Ohio. Coming from a pretty flat state, the jib scene was a natural choice and you can see that experimentation and urban exploration is second nature for her. Corinne was one of the riders who killed it in Wilder this year - this is her full part from Roxy's Wanderlust - pretty dope right?

[part title="Laura Hadar"]

Laura Hadar may have made the move on to backcountry now, but there's no denying she's an original street pioneer for women's snowboarding. If you're looking for a punk role model who doesn't give a fuck you could do a lot worse than Mama Hades.

Like Corinne, Laura was brought up with street riding in Colerado, but she's been based in Salt Lake City for over 5 years now. [part title="Cheryl Maas"]

Cheryl Maas is by no means an out and out jib kid, but that's no reason to write her off. She comes from the small Dutch town of Uden and grew up on dry slopes before making it big in competition riding.

Like many Dutch riders she's obviously adapted to their flat environment - skip to 0.45 in her Open Air full part for a sample.

[part title="Jessi Huege and Joanie Robichaud"]

jessi huege and joanie robichaud

Here's two more good reasons to go and watch Wilder - Jessi Huege and Joanie Robinchaud.

19 year old Jessi (pictured left) is a Chicago born shredder who's grown up with the boys in the Midwest scene - she's also proved she's a pretty handy competition rider, winning the Burton AM halfpipe back in 2010. Recently it's all been about street though with parts in Too Hard and Wilder - she's kicking off.

Quebecer Joanie reps for the Canucks in Wilder, and does a great job of it too. It may be a few years old now but her 2011 edit is still ridiculously hard!

[part title="Desiree Melancon"]

Salomon rider Desiree dropped this part last year, and caused a bit of a stir in the process. Acclaimed for being damn steezy, you can see instantly why this was one of the most respected progressive parts of the season. I guess if you're out shredding with Jess Kimura it's pretty hard not to step up.

Desiree is in Think Thank's Brain Dead Heart Attack this year, which is big backing for the Bear Mountain local.

[part title="Ana Rumiha"]

Don't be fooled by the first half minute of this edit. Ana Rumiha is clearly a multitalented lady. Hailing from Croatia (perhaps not the coldest of countries) she's obviously learnt to make the most of what the seasons hand her - skating and longboarding in the summer, shredding in the winter. Seriously though, we could have easily believed she's from a quiet snowy town where there's a fresh coat 52 weeks a year. [part title="Basa Stevulova"]

Speaking of multi-talented individuals, Basa Stevulova is a Slovakian rider who spends her summer months in the surf. Part of the Lipstick crew, Basa clearly enjoys the lighter side of life while she's filming video parts, from booty shaking in their Boobilicious series, to snow surfing and commando rolls in this part from Eurotic. Turns out smiling's pretty infectious huh?

[part title="Mary Rand"]

[part title="Enni Rukajarvi"]

Props to Enni Rukajarvi, the Fin was one of the only women to put down some handrails in the Burton's Women [Snowboarding] this year. As well as being a serious medal contender for any Slopestyle comp, Enni's clearly got some street smarts too, and you'll normally find she manages to fit a few sessions in for her edits.

[part title="Jess Kimura"]

If you've seen Nike's Never Not (or even if you haven't) you should know not to mess with Jess Kimura. She straight up kills for the ladies and her part in this year's film was a landmark in exposure and just being a baws. The Capita rider also know as Danger Pony rips in this Defenders of Awesome section and she has got to be one of the most influential female figures in the sport right now.

[part title="Danyale Patterson"]

Hailing from Ankorage Alaska, Danyale Patterson is the brains behind all girl crew Too Hard. Not content to just feature in snow flicks, she's also produced, directed and edited their films - and this year she's also getting a cheeky cameo in Think Thank's Brain Dead Heart Attack.

We've actually gone for an older clip from Danyalle as this was the last solo edit she put out - as a side note, it's surprisingly tricky to google her film "Still Hard" without stumbling on advice forums for teenage boys...

[part title="Carro Degardh"]

Still not convinced chicks can take slams? Think again. These three of Swede Carro Degardh from Scandalnavians are heavy weight, and you can tell she doesn't hold back on the streets! If you want to see more check out her rail skills in these park laps - steezing it out like a badass.

[part title="Rachida Aoulad"]

We'll end this one with Dutch rail ripper Rachida Aoulad. If you've only seen her in the video above you'll have realised by now that she is super steezy and kills in the dome - but you might be wondering where her street edits are at. Well, so far there's only B-roll available from her part in this year's Periscoping, but we'd bet our best boxers she's going to blow up when that drops!