gif fight back

Even the best riders in the world know - that from time to time snowboards can be a little bit unpredictable. One day it's your best friend and does everything you want - and the next you can't get anything right. It's almost like the board is working against you...

Which is a ridiculous idea of course - most of the time when something goes wrong it's completely down to us, not the inanimate piece of wood and p-tex strapped to our feet.

Still, it is pretty suspicious how often the unsuspected happens, those sneaky things that go down - WHEN SNOWBOARDS FIGHT BACK!

(cue dramatic drums)

Call it what you want - we're 99% certain (*ahem*) that some snowboards have personalities, and choose to take out their anger just as soon as we let our guard down. If you're worried about your board, here are some signs you might want to watch out for...

[part title="The Nose Stub/Cock Block"]

You can see the rail, you're moving towards the rail, you're going to hit that rail... nope, you're not, you're going to stub your nose before you can even get over the rail and more than likely eat it. Don't worry bro - there's plenty more fish in the sea...

nose stub

[part title="Swift Retribution"]

As illustrated by number 5 in our things snowboarders do animations - sometimes we loose our shit it at other inanimate objects and decide to use our snowboard as a tool of distruction. This doesn't always end successfully, and can result in an immediate backlash from that spring-loaded plank of wood - this clip stopped just short of impact, but i think we all know it smashed him in the grill (right?).


[part title="The Sneak Attack"]

Sometimes the flex of your board stops dead when you're expecting it to give, or bends in half when you're expecting a little more resistance - this is especially a problem when you've just picked up a new ride. Needless to say, if you don't see it coming, you'll end up on your ass/face in no time...

snapback 2

[part title="The Painful Reminder"]

You're cutting too hard into a jump, or you've just stopped paying attention on the flat run into town - you didn't deserve to bail, but your board stuck an edge in anyway. Just to remind you who's boss...

front edge

[part title="The Bad Friend"]

Good friends have your back right? When you need them, they're there. Well sometimes your board decides that it's not worth the effort anymore and it's time to cut and run - cue a very loud crack and more than likely, a pretty uncomfortable faceplant.

lnp snap

[part title="The Jealous Bitch"]

You go out to get some footy down - and 60 takes later you've managed to nail that line you really wanted. You'd had it in your head all week, heck, you might of even had a little dream about it... But just as you get ready to lay claim to your prize, your stick decides that you aren't allowed to enjoy winning - say hello to the floor.

nose dig

[part title="Scorpius Maximus - AKA The Scorpion"]

You've always blamed yourself when you scorpion, haven't you? Well - really, you should be blaming your board. The scorpion comes in many forms, but here are three that will catch you out...

The Trip Wire

You're charging through powder, happy as larry, and suddenly, your nose has given way and your cartwheeling. Not exactly your board's fault - but they could have at least given you a heads up.

powder catch

The Velcro Effect

You lock in to your grind - only to come straight back out, instead of sliding, the board doesn't even move. Whether it's down to a pesky window-ledge (pictured) or a super sticky rail/board match-up, you'll be going down faster than you expected.

absinthe slam

The Invisible Enemy

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. Sometimes your board will pick fights with parts of features you hadn't anticipated and occasionally even ones that don't appear to be visible to the naked eye. There's little to nothing you can do here - just pick yourself up and try again...

toe edge

[part title="The Ultimate Backlash"]

kicker face