When it comes to hitting street features big enough to reduce Vin Diesel to a quivering, pantie-wetting mess, Dan Brisse is your go-to man. Let's face it, he's pretty much the Chuck Norris of snowboarding.

The other day we stumbled across this shot on Spencer O'Brien's instagram, featuring Dachstein's admittedly terrifying skybridge and a 'burst-out-laughing-in-awkward-public-space' inducing comment from Mr. Phil Jacques:


If unaware, 'Brissespots' is one of the best instagram accounts around, and features user-submitted shots of urban features tailor-made by god for Dan Brisse's mega-feature approach to street snowboarding.

It's safe to say that there's some pretty gut-busting ones on there and we thought we'd share a few of them with you.

(hit right on your keyboard to browse the #brissespots).


Better lock on #brissespots

Kink rails that are like 2 feet off the ground are for pussys, and when Brisse hits one he's going to make it worth his while.

Brisse's got this.


Call your drop! regram @fdperry #brissespots

The way we see it, there are two different lines to hit here. Option one is to drop in from the peak and follow the blue all the way to the bottom, with a frontside 1080 off the end of course.

Option two is a little gnarlier, with a drop in off the mini roof, over the vertical wall and down to the transition below.


Step up this @danbrisse

Remember Halldor's roof gap attempt from NoToBo? Well this one's kind of like that, with a smaller gap but waaay more pop required.

We'd like to see Brisse step it up.


Elbow yo #brissespots

Dan Brisse is definitely more of a 'jump off buildings' kinda guy, but that's not to say that he doesn't hit rails too.

We're sure he would make it to the end of this kinked, 90 degree Jabberwocky of an elbow rail.


Regram @tygagnon #brissespots

There's no real explanation needed for this one. Dan Brisse's got this.


Tony Hawk is DOWN with #brissespots !!

Cool to see that even the Birdman has been out and about scoping #Brissespots.


Potential board breaker. regram @jasondubois #bringbackup #brissespots

Gap to high rail or gap to down flat rail? I think we all know which option Brisse would take...


Quad cork to the moon booter #brissespots

Quad cork to the moon, or, if you time it right, you can intercept the 67p comet and go for some space pow lines with Jeremy Jones.


Setting up this rainbow rail! #brissespots

Rainbow rails are pretty mellow features all-told.

Dan Brisse goes the extra distance to find one actually worth hitting.


Brisse 2014 trick list leaked

This list would not be complete without Dan's signature trick: the roof gap. For the ender of his 2015 part, Dan Brisse will be attempting this chunky monkey.

With its ominous clouds, and blood red building typography, it's pretty much a no brainer for Capita and Brisse.

Look! There's even transition to land on.

Stay tuned for more Brissespots to be added to this list on a regular basis.