Ahh yes, the accidental trick. Whether it be an unplanned extra rotation, a ragdoll-to-rideout or simply staring the Grim Reaper himself in the face and smiling back - the accidental trick is something we've all encountered whilst snowboarding.

Even the best of riders stomp the occasional accident now and again, we might even go as far as saying a significant amount of progression could come from the 'renegade rotation'. From the Sprocking Cat to the streets of the ex-Soviet Union, here are some of the finest tricks that were never meant to be.

They don't call Terje Haakonsen the 'Sprocking Cat' for nothing. Terje is the undisputed best rider in the world at recovering from tricks and switching them up to stick 'em. We personally think that being able to adapt your trick or run in the moment is the hallmark of a technical rider.

However, we think even Terje surpassed himself back in 2001 for The Arctic Challenge in this wee number. Ed Leigh witnessed this feat of brilliance, so we'll leave it to him to wax lyrical about it -

"He later explained he had drifted out over the platform, though how Terje managed to force the board through a backside air with no rotational momentum was what left jaws sagging. But he’d managed it and as he hit the lip of the quarter on the way back down, he was facing the transition. This didn’t change the fact that he had just fallen nearly eight meters onto a razor sharp ice lip, but it did mean that Terje could anticipate the impact, which he did perfectly.

He caught the lip right between the bindings, absorbed as much of the impact’s energy as he could and then threw his head down into the transition so he wouldn’t get launched out onto the flat by the inevitable rebound. What this did though was initiate a front flip and Terje amazed even himself when he stomped this survival flip four meters down the transition and rode away unscathed with his head in his hands in disbelief. It was a rare moment where Terje’s ridiculous talent surprised even himself…"

Eric Jackson is one very talented man, however we'll call this one to Lady Luck. When it comes to ragdolling, most riders find themselves cartwheeling along a vertical axis distributing their belongings far and wide like a Catherine wheel on fireworks night.

Mr Jackson lands on a lip and manages to almost butter out of it allowing him to keep his rotation and whirl his way round another 540 before riding away.

The dreaded 'dead man's click' normally leads to a backbreaking or lung crushing result. Even if you're inches or feet short of bringing your board over the feature, the resounding click normally seals your fate.

Niels Schack avoids being the dead man riding in this number and lives to jib another day. There's a reminder of what happens when you're not so lucky at 3:10 in Mark McMorris' Burton Presents edit...

The reverse of the 'dead man's click' is the 'dead man's slip'. This generally occurs when the rider loses balance and slides off the rail into the pits of hell/Helsinki.

Luckily for this young chap from the Russian WEARE2012 crew, Newton's laws of gravity meant his slip sent him into a backside miller-ish flip. His ass caught the rotation, not his hands, but we'll mark this one up for effort.

This one technically doesn't count, but it's too good of a story to pass up. Terje charged into the tombstone of a quarterpipe with the intention of going for his iconic and trademark backside air - however, as he began to drop down from the apex of his rotation, he quickly realised that the record breaking 9.8m of air he got out of the lip meant he was going to overcook the rotation.

Whilst most of us would find our heads running the mental dialog of a certain scene from The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Terje's body contorted into the rotation and he rode away fakie. Once again the Sprocking Cat lived to tell the tale.

A contentious issue into the top-8 as opinions are divided as to whether we can call this accidental or just a bit of ribbing at Jed Andersons expense.

The way he Brandon throws himself into the rotation suggestions some foul-play as does the exclamation of "OH MY GOD!". If it was accidental, kudos. If it was intentional, kudos.

Plymouth State student Phil Wettengel royally cocked up this fence gap, smashed into a tree, went heels over head, and somehow still managed to ride away.


In another strange case of 'When Dead Woman's Click Allows You to Live', this inability to lift the back leg results in some strange frontside boardslide sort of thing before being spat out by the donkey dick.

Well, at least she knows she's not a million miles away from getting the frontside boardslide on lock...

Another honourable mention goes to the honourable ladies from Lipstick Productions. There's nothing quite like late season wet powder to get your nose stuck into as our fair maiden does here. Bolts cab 180 though!