[splitpost intro="true" position="bottom"]You've already seen part one of our collection of the weirdest and wildest tricks from Mt. Hood this summer, so here's the second part!

Featuring eye-popping stunts from the likes of Scott Stevens, Spencer Schubert, Jesse Paul, Mike Rav and more in video form.

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[part title="Spencer Schubert Cut Off Tailslide - High Cascade Session 4"]

Technically it would have been impossible to frontside tailslide this creeper rail on a snowboard. But as we know, Spencer Schubert is always one to think outside the box and took hacksaw to snowboard to make it happen.

[part title="Brett Wilkinson and the Most Blunted Blunt 270 Ever - High Cascade Session 4"]

Snowboarders get a lot of slack for using the term 'bluntslide'. Now we can't help the fact that there are no trucks on a snowboard but we can do them as blunted as humanely possible to make up for it.

[part title="Cody Lee Switch Toeside Carve to Back Board - Windells Session 5"]

We're not really sure how Cody managed to get this one around but mad props!

[part title="Jesse Paul Up and Over the Creeper - Windells Session 5"]

As you may have gathered from part one of this collection, Jesse Paul does a lot of weird shit on his snowboard. Here he is taking an err... interesting line up and over a double sided creeper rail.

[part title="Jesse Paul's Skatepark 270 - Windells Session 6"]

Being a snowboard site and all, we already left out a whole bunch of skate tricks that could have featured in this collection. This is the exception: Jesse Paul popping a couple skate tricks before strapping onto his snowboard and doing a front board 270. Was he wearing skate shoes or snowboard boots?!

[part title="Jon Overson's Backside Noseslide Frontflip Out - Windells Session 6"]

Jon Overson switched into full beast mode to claim the ender of the Windells session 6 edit with this back noseslide nollie frontflip out. Wallop.

[part title="Matt Wainhouse Backside Air to Huge Gap - High Cascade Session 6"]

As you'll find out over the next few pages, the High Cascade Session 6 edit was pretty all time. Here's Matt Wainhouse blasting a huge backside air before tackling a monster gap.

[part title="Scott Stevens, Mike Rav and Friends Box Session - High Cascade Session 6"]

A super sick box session featuring Scott Stevens, Mike Rav and many more. Check out the High Cascade Session 6 edit for the full thing.

[part title="Spencer Schubert Horizontal 50-50 - High Cascade Session 6"]

Here's another one we don't think we've ever seen before: Spencer Schubert hitting a downbar almost like a wallride, with a horizontal 50-50. Pretty sick right?

[part title="Ryan Paul Wallride Backflip to Front Lip - High Cascade Session 6"]

Ryan Paul decided to go fully mental on the very same feature. Talk about high consequence!

[part title="Scott Stevens Caveman Boardslide - High Cascade Session 6"]

We wouldn't really expect anything less from Mr. Scott Stevens. Skate style caveman boardslide, fully unstrapped and executed like a boss. Dude's a wizard. Oh, and he's dropping a full skate part in a few days time too!

[part title="Kevin Maples Front Board Gap Front Board - High Cascade Session 6"]

We had to put this one in for the sheer enormity of this gap. It would have been gnarly enough just gapping to the donkey dick, but after sliding front board at the top of the rail? Insane.

This would have been the ender of Session 6 had it not been for... [part title="Gus Warbington One Foot Carve - High Cascade Session 6"]

... Gus Warbington's super rad looking one-foot carve!

[part title="Jesse Paul Inflatable Slide to Boardslide - Windells Session 7"]

Jesse Paul was still getting weird in the penultimate Windells edit, convincing us that there is indeed a place for inflatable rings in snowboard edits.

[part title="Justin Norman Front 270 Gap - Windells Session 8"]

Justin Norman took one of the gnarliest slams we've seen in a while going for a backside rodeo to front board on this feature, before stomping the shit out of this huge frontside 270 on, 270 off.