The Oxford Dictionary defines style as "A distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed".

Style in snowboarding however, is something that can't be defined, every single rider has their own unique fingerprint in the way that they ride. Whether it's a tweak here, or a poke there - style is timeless and individual. What might be stylish to one person, can be horrible to another.

We've rounded up what we consider to be some of the most stylish tricks that every snowboarder needs on lock in this new series. Initially, we were going to post just one rider with one trick, but after arguments that raged for days, we thought 'why not include more than just one rider for each trick?'.

Thus, with the fog cleared, we've embarked on a series of tricks with a whole host of riders from different era's and from different styles. Welcome to Style-101.


The backside 180 is timeless. It's one of the ultimate tricks to define a rider and their skills, whether on a big booter or if they're sending it deep in the backcountry.

The mental film reel of a rider floating above the peaks of far-away mountains, the sun blotted out by the silhouette of the unnamed rider, arms stretched as if a salute to the very trick they're undertaking before dropping gently to their toe-edge and riding away to infamy. That's what it's all about.

We've included a whole variety of different backside 180's, so make a cuppa coffee and feast your eyes on the sweet sweet backside goodness.

What is there to say about Gigi that hasn't been uttered before? Gigi's been killing it for the best part of 20 years now and his most recent video parts show no sign of him slowing down. In actual fact, we like it when he slows down...

Whilst Gigi has reams of video parts in the bank, we've gone for the absolute classic that is Absinthe's 'Futureproof'. A decade later and it's exactly what it says.

The Canadian lean-mean snowboarding machine is arguably one of the greatest backcountry riders to have every graced our screens. With almost two decades of video parts under his belt, his riding legendary in all snowboard circles.

He's still ripping like a young buck and he has a back catalogue of footage that would make Tarantino look like an ethusiast. We've chose this wee number from the legendary DC MTN LAB 1.5 which dropped in 2008.

Jussi Oksanen recently announced his step-back from snowboarding for this season. Leading the charge in the backcountry freestyle world alongside Johan Olafson and co in the TB films, his efforts won him 'Rookie of the Year' in Totally Board's shred-epic 'Infinity. His slow, open rotations and butters than defied cows everywhere made him an international icon.

We're celebrating Jussi's gargantuan career with a clip from one of his latest edits from Burton Snowboards so you can revel in his prowess in full HD glory.

Mr Bang, is well acquainted with the backside 180. A student of the no-grab school of thought, his double tweak hammers him into the Hall of Fame. He took his effortless style with him after his transition from competitive riding to backcountry and made sure he packed his trunk with the backside 180 in the bag.

This clip is from the Burton High Fives held at the now defunct Snowpark NZ resort. Lashings of pokey goodness.

On the first day, God created style. On the second, he must have created Mark Frank Montoya as well, because surely there's no style without MFM?

MFM's exploits in the late 90's and early 2000's are revered in hushed-tones at every late night beer at the Onboard office. Despite some of his more recent escapades, his snowboarding prowess is legit.