So you decide to splash out. But a little piece of you is still conscious that if you go too crazy, you might not be able to afford a trip this year - rendering your new purchase almost completely useless. The solution? Find a new board, but keep it cheap, value for money, yada yada yada...

To help those of you on a tight-as-Katie-Price's-jeggings budget, we've put together this selection of recommendations (don't worry they're not all jib sticks - we've tried to include a bit of variety). Oh and if you've accidentally landed on this page and have over €1000 euros to spend on a snowboard, go check out our article on the most outrageously expensive snowboards like, ever...

So whether you're looking to shred the whole mountain or run park laps all season, you should be able to find a selection in here. Best of all, they're all 2014 models (so you know you'll look fresh) and they all ring in under €350 - BARGAIN.

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[part title="Rome Shiv"]



SIZES: 144/148/152


SHAPE: True Twin

The Rome Shiv definitely features one of the most eye catching designs we've seen so far this year. Zombie punk graphics, with a different top-sheet for each size board- you'll have plenty to look down at on the drag lift, and potentially scare a few ski-school kids too.

There's a surprising amount of tech included for this price: Rome's signature no hang-ups camber profile means your scorpion risk is kept low on rails, and a 4mm bamboo rod through the core works with Skatecore profiling to give you the turning feel of trucks while retaining plenty of pop. The Quickrip sidecut brings in added grip at high speed too, so you don't have to worry about skidding out.

[part title="DC PBJ"]



SIZES: 137/144/149/153/157 - 155W/159W


SHAPE: True Twin

DC continue their tradition of bargains this year with a range of boards that include three under €350. For the fellas there's the beginner stick Focus, as well as this, the PBJ (park board for jibbing).

This tough little number is made to be simple and functional, with a polyurethane/poplar core that keeps cost down and pop high, and a return to traditional camber shape for this year's model. It's construction is built to take the knocks that street and park riders throw at it and it's extruded base is easy to repair. On top of this, the PBJ's rad nun graphics are sure to appeal to park rats and the range of sizes available and flexibility make it a suitable entry board for all ages too.

[part title="Roxy Silhouette Banana"]



SIZES: 141/145/148/151


SHAPE: True Twin

Roxy's Silhouette Banana is a progression driven rocker board that will do a whole lot more than just take you from A to B. One for the ladies, this is part of the Roxy range built in Seattle by the same guys who make Lib Tech and Gnu boards.

The profile on this is reverse camber between the bindings, then flat from the bindings to the tip and tail, making it a smooth catch free ride. Triax glass and a true twin shape mean its interesting for intermediate riders too, keeping it responsive and versatile so you can build up your switch riding or just get out exploring. These combined with a soft flex make it ideal for building up your freestyle trick-book

[part title="Burton Clash"]



SIZES: 139/145/151/155/158/160 - 157W/160W/164W


SHAPE: Directional Twin

The Burton Clash is a beginner board for mastering the basics, but it still has all the right features to keep it interesting once you're off the bunny slope. Soft flex and a continuous V-rocker profile mean you're at a lot less risk of catching edges, and the slightly convex cruise control base is going to make this super forgiving.

If you're looking for something to take onto the groomers, butter around on and enjoy the mountain air, this is the stick for you.

[part title="Rossignol Templar"]



SIZES: 153/155/158


SHAPE: Directional Twin

The Rossignol Templar is an all terrain cruiser with a combo profile that is cambered between the feet, with a rockered tip and tail. It's got a directional shape and slightly stiffer flex, making this ideal for exploration - the rocker will definitely keep you afloat in powder and softer flex between the bindings make initiating turns a breeze.

The Templar also includes Magnetraction edges which are serrated like a bread knife, giving you superior edge control to hold on when it's icy - there's plenty of tech in this to handle all the mountain can throw at you.

[part title="DC Biddy"]



SIZES: 143/147/151


SHAPE: True Twin

Sick of girly graphics? This could be the solution. DC offer up the women's Biddy - their go anywhere, ride anything model. From park to piste to powder this stick can handle it all, and make sure you're having fun while you ride.

The profile is rockered but flat between the bindings which gives stability and edge hold - and that'll also keep your nose out of the powder. An extruded base means it can handle damage in park laps and bevelled edges mean you're not at a slam risk on those fs boardslides. If there's something you'd like to do on this board, chances are it has a feature that means it can cope. So if you want an all in one that has your back, this could well be it.

Ladies, we thought you might like more than two suggestions, so here are some more that we found in our search:

Nikita Chickita - €329.99 (Ideal for park)

Burton Genie - €300 (Beginners Board)

Burton Feather - €330 (Progressive Rocker)

[part title="Signal Snowboards"]


SIZES: 150/152/154

In general Signal snowboards are a great brand to go to if you're looking for boards on a budget. They have 16 models this year, and all but 3 of them are cheap enough to fit comfortably into this list. We've picked the Yasuku Freedom Machine, which comes in flat or camber as well as a third variation featuring their omni light construction. Each of them has the same sweet graphic in a different colour scheme so you're spoilt for choice. Be sure to check out some of their other options too before you buy.

[part title="Burton Hate"]



SIZES: 148/152/155/157


SHAPE: True Twin

The Burton Hate is a skinny little number, this year Big B have used Filet-o-flex to slim it out between the bindings, making it super buttery and playful. To counter this, they're using jumper cables to 'radiate energy' to the tip and tail, connecting the whole thing together and keeping your feet in control.

The deck is actually so slimmed out that they've thrown in pads around the inserts so that their channel system is still compatible with all bindings - it also doubles up as a nice bit of dampening so you're going to be riding real smooth out of those landings.

[part title="Ride Manic"]



SIZES: 152/155/158/161

PROFILE: Flat/Rocker

SHAPE: Directional Twin

The Manic is an beginner-intermediate level all mountain rocker from Ride with a directional shape that makes turn initiation easy. It's slimewalls make for a smooth ride and carbon stringers add strength to the lightweight construction. It's a versatile number that has a more strength to it than jib and park boards at a similar price point.

As an even cheaper alternative with some similar design features you could try the K2 Brigade, which only comes in at €299.95

[part title="Capita Horrorscope"]



SIZES: 140/143/145/147/149/151/153/155/157 - 151W/155W


SHAPE: True Twin

Capita's Horrorscope has built up quite a reputation over the last few years. This jib board is playful and easy to ride but it still has enough power to keep advanced riders interested.

The profile is flat between the bindings, with 'urban flat kicks' at contact points make it hard to catch an edge. Anchormat reinforcement under the top sheet give it that added strength so it can take a few knocks, and a sweet graphic tops this all off. Our prediction? Get this in your quiver and you can't go far wrong.

What are your suggestions? Had a first board that really helped you get started, or just a cheap board that stood the test of time? Let us know in the comments below.