"I shredded. I was never told not to shred. I shredded because I thought it was the right thing to do"

Snowboarders in Exile is one of the films that influences movie production to this day. One of the many reasons it stood out was because it took a funny stance on the sport - something that other films weren't doing in that time.

Since then, films and riders have gone out of their way to get some laughs and nothing personifies the movement more than the tongue-in-cheek movie intro. To this day, it lives on through web-series like BYNDxMDLS and Jackson's Hole.

In that spirit, we've rounded up some of the best snowboard movie intros that'll give you a chuckle. Go on, we dare you not to laugh.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and we hope Peter Line, and his cohorts saw it that way, when in 2005, the Swedish/Finnish film crew Storbis, decided to recreate their intro.

The whole film is a pisstake out of a fair few shred films, but the dulcet and dry tones of Eero Ettala, narrating the introduction splits our sides every time. The backing orchestra isn't a million miles away from this South Park number either...

The brainchild of Per-Hampus Stalhandske (who'd go on to direct the documentary 'Part 2' of Never Not), Hampus Mosseson and Jakob Wilhelmson, Pony Tale, was one of the first free films to be offered online - which was groundbreaking stuff at the time. Featuring the finest of the Nordic riders including a fresh faced Halldor Helgason and a beardless Pat Moore, the dry humour mixed with sick riding make it a modern classic.

As for the intro, Ståle Sandbech might have his old man mask, but Action Horse did it first.

In a proverbial #TBT to the old days of snowboarding DC MTN Lab 1.5, featured so called 'psycho-cross' to open up their 2008 film. Not so much poking fun at the 80's than driving into it with a tank, there's some fantastic name calling, slang and costumes in this one.

There's also a lovely reference through one of the characters to a certain mishap at the 2006 Olympics in Turin...

Norwegian producer Petter Foshaug got gory for his 2009 release: They Came From. With some perfectly executed 50's horror style intros, backed up by some futuristic riding from riders like Ståle Sandbech, Torstein Horgmo and Heglasons x2, it was a standout film of the year.

You also get to see Petter Kristiansen, wearing a dress. Not much else you could ask for really.

In the flick Levity, from What We Want Films, Tyler Chorlton and Gerome Mathieu aka Coin Coin, give it their best Beastie Boys impression for the intro. With a glorious moustache and menacing eyes, when Tyler comes a knocking, you know you’re in trouble.

Although in a honesty, someone making you snowboard at gunpoint isn’t exactly a worse case scenario. Ski blading is another matter though…

Almo Films open their 2012 film Millie Bornes, with a certain amount of je ne sais quoi that we've come to love them for. As it was their first production, you do need to make an entrance and it doesn't get much better than French backcountry ripper David Livet, getting down in a sports car.

In an Alfonso Cuarón-ish homage to the one-shot take, Burton dropped this intro/tour of their manufacturing plant for their web-series in 2013. Featuring pretty much the entire Burton pro team including Mark Sollors, as a receptionist that all of us have come across in our lives.

In all honesty, it's worth watching for the most well mannered man in snowboarding Jussi Oksanen, pretend to lose his shit in a board room.

Herr Horgmo himself could well be one of the funniest snowboarders in the 21st century. He consistently releases some of the most entertaining edits on the web, alongside being a damn fine specimen of a snowboarder as well.

It's difficult to pinpoint the intro segment to a movie centred around one guy, so we'll pretty much say the whole thing is an intro instead. Makes it easier anyway.