The fabled grom is a familiar sight at any snowpark, generally by their ability to still order Happy Meals in McDonalds without disapproving frowns, but a hell of a lot better than you at snowboarding.

Even pro's were groms once, so we've scoured the interwebs and our diminishing brain capacity to recall the first time we saw, now established, but at the time unknown riders video parts and competition runs.

From a prepubescent Shaun White to knee-knibbling Mikkel Bang they all share one thing in common - they're better than you.

Seb Toots first tootsy-rolled his way onto our screens in 'KnockOut' by Canadian outfit Alterna Films. At the tender age of 16 years, he'd already begun to stock his trophy cabinet to the brim and bag himself a part in the movie. Niiiiice.

Whilst his part in 2003's 'White Balance' was one of our first dipping of the toes into the world of Bang, we had to wait until 'Lost in Transition' in 2004 for Mikkel to bag himself his own part.

Whilst there are earlier Shaun White segments, most notably this one, but the intro for Shaun in 'Stand and Deliver' from Transworld and Mack Dawg Productions makes this a classic. His pipe prowess now in full development, his boost out of The Arctic Challenge's adult sized quarterpipe is enough to make most riders blush.

'Up in the Sky' by Factor Films in 2007 is remembered by many as the launch of Torstein Horgmo into the mainstream. However, if you look a little closer, there's another hidden Norwegian gem in the film in the form of a young Ståle Sandbech.

Eiki and Halldor Helgason had been making rumblings for a while before their joint park in 'Up in the Sky' from Factor Films dropped in 2007. Bear witness to the most influential duo in snowboarding announcing their arrival.

Eero Ettala is now one of the most established film and competition riders of the last 2 decades. From his emergence at The Arctic Challenge alongside Lauri Heiskari, which spawned this infamous shot to his Cooking with Gas series, Eero's been a key player in current day riding.

Kyle Mack is noteably the first rider to stop a frontside triple rodeo in competition at the O'Neill Evolution in 2013. He was also the source of wonderment in a smattering of Burton Snowboards edits - including this one where he's just 13 years young. Pretty sure we were still using sticks as guns at this age.

Terje's segment in Burton Snowboard's 'Scream of Consciousness' is infamous for his lack of interviewing ability. Did we know he was going to become the figurehead of snowboarding for the coming decades when we first watched it? We dunno.

He has a car now.

Kazu was one of the first Japanese imports into the international snowboard scene and he announced it in spectacular form at the Burton US Open in 2003. A silver medal at 14 whet his appetite for more and he hasn't let-up since.