10 of the Best Examples of Team Shredding

Snowboarding with friends sounds pretty normal right? Get your homeslices, skillets and girls together, go for a cruise and shred the proverbial gnar right? Well, sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way. First lifts, broken down cars and hot laps soon separate the rookies from the amped riders. Then, when you turn pro, you crank it up a notch with competitions, shoots and course inspections. 

‘Break out the world smallest violin’ we hear you think. Yes, we understand that being a pro does mean you spend your entire life on the hill – as much as 300 days a year in some cases. In those 300 days though, it’s easy to loose sight on snowboarding with all the press conferences, interviews and airport lounges.

So when riders come together to ride away from the judges and crowds, they’re normally the sessions to remember. In that honour, we’ve rounded up some of the best example of just riding with friends. In the infamous words of The Rembrants “I’ll be there for you”. (Friends that is, not us. That’d just be strange).

Under Dawgs: Rainbow Board

One step up from the rocket rail with your buddy is the rainbow rail. Collect a multitude of friends with snowboards, convince them that you’re not going to crush them and then send it and hope for the best!

Et voila. Un Rainbow Rail sans rail

Check the full Under Dawgs edit here

GoPro Toss: Eric Willett and Sage Kotsenburg

Do you ever find you literally have so many GoPro’s you can’t even throw ’em away? For the 99% of us, it’s not a daily concern, but for Sage Kotsenburg and Eric Willett it appears to be one despite their best efforts.

The clip went viral in a ‘YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT THESE CRAZY SNOWBOARDERS DO NEXT’ style sort of thing, much to the bemusement of most snowboarders who thought it was pretty easy to believe that alongside being able to snowboard, Sage and Eric could use their hands as well.

Beer Toss: Halldor Helgason and Ethan Morgan

Inspired by their Atlantic cousins, Ethan and Halldor attempted the holy grail of aerial flight at this years Freestyle.CH in Zürich. After a frankly bemusingly long time discussing the logistics of the beer toss, Halldor decides to be the pitching equivalent of Bob Feller with Ethan on the receiving end.

Did they make it? Find out for yourself…

Rome Snowboards: Road Trips Never Die

Road trips might not fail, but livers will at this rate. There does seem to be some sort of peverse fetish in catching beers in snowboarding, although to be fair, snowboarding and beer are two of the best things in life.

Anyway, we digress – Ozzy Henning sips on the sweet and bubbly golden nectar of success in this frontflip beer grab. Like taking candy from a baby.

Check the full ‘Road Trips Never Fail’ edit here.

Burn Presents: The Bernhard Sports Team Battle

Team events are a bit like marmite/vegemite (if you’re one of out antipodean cousins), they either have the tendency to be really good, or actually pretty dammed awful for various reasons.

Luckily for us, the Bernhard Sports Team Battle held earlier this year in Norway, tickles just the right spot as far as we’re concerned. Anything with lycra and you know you’re in for a good show.

Burton: The Big B

For all the Burton bashing that goes on in the snowboard world, they’re never ones to sit on their laurels. For their film ‘The B’ back in 2009 they created the single largest multi-feature sparking a renaissance in creative shaping.

They then rounded up the troops and let ’em loose on the B culminating in a crossover shoot with riders darting across the screen like an angry hive of wasps.

Ästhetiker Wängl Tängl presented by Vans

The Wängl Tängl (RIP) was held in Mayrhofen as each year as the sort of antidote to the world of TV timing sheets, 07:00 course inspections and rapidly balding rider liaisons. The Vans Penken Park crew would slave away getting a course of behemoth proportions together and away the teams would go.

As the legendary Austrian Ästhetiker crew say “It’s on when it’s on”.

Cooking with Gas: #APRESEASON

As one of Finland’s finest exports Eero Ettala and Heikki Sorsa’s, web-series Cooking with Gas is effectively a bunch of Finns slaying the farthest flung corners of the globe.

The saying goes ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’, but in this case we think there’s just the right amount. Sprinkle over some comedy costumes and you’re set for a good ‘un.

Did somebody say pan bonk?

Check the full Cooking with Gas episode here

Danny Davis’ Peace Park

A veritable smörgåsbord of rails and transitions are littered across a pipe for this project. Another antidote to the world of competitive snowboarding, Danny Davis brings together his frends and their frends for this number.

With no committees, no judging criteria and no post comp press conferences – all there is to do send it on the aircraft carrier sized feature and take-off with the rest of the squadron.

Transworld Team Shoot Out: Team Oakley

The combination of Eero Ettala, Erik Botner, AFM, Ståle Sandbech and Eiki Helgason is one hell of a team. Lucky for Oakley, they’re all on the big O payroll so when Transworld ran their Team Shoot Out competition back in 2012, Oakley could call in the big guns.

Shot over 10 days, the crew filmed an edit with quite possibly the best soundtrack of all time. With Eero Ettala dressed like an 80’s Russian popstar come cosmonaut with backing band? Yeah, that’s tight.

Forum: First Chair, Last Call

Forum Snowboard’s had a history of producing some of the most progressive films within snowboarding. From the pure power of Canadian stackhouse Devun Walsh and a cornrowed JP Walker in ‘The Ressistance’ to the final days of #Forum with the Young Bloods like Aleks Østreng and Mario Kappeli – Forum always pushed the boat out when it came to filming.

Queue one of the first free web movies called ‘First Chair, Last Call’ where the Forum dudes got down in a mini-shred park that makes Disneyland look like a Library. So many lines, so little time.

Check the full ‘First Chair, Last Call’ movie here 


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