Liftline – Lisa Filzmoser

Photo: Matt Georges

On-lift chinwag with Lisa Filzmoser getting her thoughts on how competition fits in with snowboarding.

In the mag this season we’ve been hitting up riders as we share a lift ride with ’em to pick their brains on a number of subjects in snowboarding. As ever, the print mag only has so many pages whereas the web… well, it has deep guts and so when it became apparent that we had no space for this chat we had with Austrian Artec ripper Lisa Filzmoser in the mag, we decided to post it here for you to enjoy online…


Onboard: Look at the eagle!

Lisa Filzmoser: Look at the little fat skier down there!

Ah, let’s spit on him! Erm, on a scale of 1 to 10 how competitive would you say you are? 10 being like Shaun White and 1 being, er, me.

LF: [Laughs] Probably a 5.

Middle of the road, eh? Do you find yourself getting competitive when you’re riding with you buddies, or is it just when you ride contests?

LF: No, I think it’s more often that the competitive side of me comes through when I ride with my buddies. I think that’s my competitive side because I’m pushing myself with the others.

No so much to win but just to improve and be better than them?

LF: Yeah, something like that.

How important do you think contests are to snowboarding on the whole?

LF: For sure they are really important, I think, because I also started my “career” when I did some competitions. That’s how I got recognised too, and it’s how I got into the scene and it’s how I got my sponsors. And I really loved it at the beginning because it was a different form of competition [than I was used to]. I competed in gymnastics when I was little but I didn’t like it, and also in skiing. But snowboarding was something different, it was just fun for me to do. But then as I improved more and more I didn’t like doing competitions any more.

And now when you do do contests, how seriously do you take them?

LF: I find I really have to find my ‘zone’, but I haven’t really found my zone. I don’t like to compete any more, but I do it if it’s a fun competition and all the girls are there, then I like to do it too actually, but I think I’m not a good competitive person.

That leads on to my next question: when riders say ‘I’m just here to ride and have fun,’ how many do you think are lying?

LF: [Laughs] No, I think it’s true in snowboarding that it’s fun to ride in the competitions too because most of them are your friends and you can push eachother in the competition too. But for sure everyone wants to win! [Laughs]

Have you ever done something that you weren’t really feeling, just because you were at a contest?

LF: Yeah. When it was super bad weather and I would never ever ride on a normal day in these conditions, and then just I overshot this kicker because the wind was so strong and I thought to myself “What the fuck, why…”

Were you pissed at yourself?

LF: I was pissed at everyone, myself and everyone else because it’s so stupid to do that.

If you were organising a contest and had unlimited budget and could do whatever you wanted, what would your contest be like?

LF: I would build the best obstacles because I would have so much budget I would get the best shapers in the world and build the best park. Build all kinds of obstacles, just to make it really really good. Perfect obstacles, perfect kickers, hips and quarterpipes… yeah, everything. And then do a big jam session for like 4 days and just bring all the best photographers and filmers so it would not be like a contest, it would be more filming and a photo session.

Ok, but would you have a winner?

LF: Maybe everyone’s a winner, I would say but you could do like best trick or something like this. Best this, best that…

Just finally, would snowboarding be better or worse if there were no contests?

LF: I guess there wouldn’t be snowboarding that’s improving so much if there were no contests, but I think it would be better if snowboarding wouldn’t be in the FIS, so that would be better for snowboarding.


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