[5-0 in Oslo. Photo: Peter Lundström]

Knut is one half of the talented Christoffersen twins, hailing from the deep countryside of Norway. A rail slaying nice-guy known for his technical skills and his great personality. Easily described as humble and happy, and with a great love for snowboarding. These are the things that make him an awesome guy, and a great shredder. He's like a Fun-gun loaded up with silver bullets ready to kill any rail that crosses his path, and he does it with a smile, and that's really fucking cool in my eyes. It's actually about time that he got some recognition for his effort on his board, cause he's been pretty fucking good for ages... Yeah Knut, happy to hear you got this check out!

- Danny Larsen

Name: Knut Christoffersen

Age: 20

Hometown: Hønefoss, Norway

Hobbies: skateboarding

Favourite resort: Kongsberg, Norway

Years riding: 10

Sponsors: Session boardshop and I am looking for more sponsors now after M4 stopped doing boards.

Stance: +17 in front, -15 in the back and 63 cm wide.

Best trick: switch method

Which is the rider who has had the most influence on your style? Marius Sommer, my favourite snowboarder since the day I started snowboard. And he has the best style ever.

Do you have a favourite movie part: Scotty Wittlake’s part in The Revival.

What would you be doing if you weren’t riding? Maybe skateboarding or just working as a plumber, which is what I’m doing every day right now.

Tell us a bit about the rail park you have in the summer? My brother and I came up with an idea to snowboard on these factory rolls, and it worked pretty good. I have had many good snowboard rail sessions with the use of those during the summer.

What will you be doing in the 07/08 season? Taking photos, filming and ride as much as possible.