The Knowledge – Tyler Chorlton vs Scott McMorris

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The Knowledge – Tyler Chorlton vs Scott McMorris

An all-British test of snowboarding trivia.

As snowboard nerds, we like to think ourselves well-versed in the deep memory banks of snowboarding’s trivia. But how much of it do the riders know? That’s what we set out to find with The Knowledge, where we’ll put two shreds face-to-face and get ‘em to flex their mind muscles.

It’s an all-Brit affair this time round, and we figured there’d be nowt better to put head-to-head than Messers Tyler Chorlton and Scott McMorris, Oakley teammates and each boasting deep wizards sleeves full of shred magic.

On yer marks…

1. What year did Steve Bailey land the first recorded backside 900 on a Dendix dryslope?

Tyler Chorlton: 86? Nah, 95.

Scott McMorris: I’ll go with 95.

Answer1995. Steve had a sequence of a back 9 on Dendix (a type of dryslope surface with zero padding, bristles, bits of metal, and even holes that were known to snap fingers) taken in the summer of 95, and it was featured in Snowboard UK issue 25. [Tyler: 1 – Scott: 1]

2. Who managed to blow a gold medal by trying to pull a Method?

Tyler: Ooh. Tough one. [repeats question to himself] I’ll say Ross Powers for fun.

Scott: Terje? Oh, ah, the boardercross bird! Fuck, what was her name? I know who you mean… err… the last Olympics, not the one just gone. I’ll have to come back to that one.

AnswerLindsey Jacobelis. Arguably the world’s greatest trick, we would say there’s never a bad time to bang one out, however we’re  sure American rider Lindsey Jacobelis would disagree. Her failed Method on the last hit of the 2006 Olympic boardercross meant Tanya Frieden made up the 100-or-so-metre lead Jacobelis had to take gold and allowed Ed Leigh a priceless moment in TV commentary. [Tyler: 1 – Scott: 1]

3. Name members of the original Forum 8.

Tyler: Oh fahkin ell, let’s see… Peter Line, JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Joni Malmi, err, Bjorn Leines, Devun Walsh, and Wille Yli Luoma.

Scott: Joni Malmi, Peter Line, Devun Walsh, JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Chris Dufficy, Bjorn Leines, and… I was gonna say Miikko Sjoblom who fucked himself but he was more of an am… who am I missing? Oh god. I dunno. Pass. [sounds distraught]

Answer – In no particular order, the OG Forum 8 were: Peter Line, Joni Malmi, Devun Walsh, JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Chris Dufficy, Bjorn Leines, and Wille Yli Luoma. Tyler rolled his off without a second thought, but only named 7… [Tyler: 1 – Scott: 1]

4. How many words for snow did David Benedek say there were?

Tyler: 91.

Scott: 91.

Answer 91. David and his buddies at Blank Paper produced the seminal movie 91 Words for Snow. [Tyler: 2 – Scott: 2]

5. Where was the first snowdome opened in the UK? And what year for a bonus point?

Tyler: Ooh… Is it Tamworth? No idea about the year, I wasn’t around then [laughs]. I’d have to guess at 99-2000?

Scott: Tamworth. God. 93.

Answer Tamworth in 1994 was where and when the UK’s first snowdome opened. [Tyler: 3 – Scott: 3]

6. Who won this year’s TTR title?

Tyler: The tour? Peetu.

Scott: Peetu.

Answer Peetu Piiroinen knocked the back out of the TTR this season, claiming the tour title with one 6-star event to spare. [Tyler: 4 – Scott: 4]

7. Who was the cover star of Onboard issue number 1?

Tyler: [whistles] Me. [laughs].

Scott: Ingemar. That was a total guess [laughs].

Answer Seal. Yes, the person gracing the first ever issue of Onboard was none other than the Mr Heidi Klum. To quote ex-Onboard honcho Drew Stevenson who took over from issue 2 “It was the worst cover that has ever been run and will ever be run in snowboarding.” [Tyler: 4 – Scott: 4]

8. Which rider famously qualified for the Baker Banked Slalom riding switch?

Tyler: Terje.

Scott: Terje.

Answer Terje Haakonsen. There’s rumours he’d been gorging on dodgy fungus shortly before, too. [Tyler: 5 – Scott: 5]

9. Who started the UK’s first snowboard magazine?

Tyler: Err, Ed. Ed… it was Ed wasn’t it. Ed, ahm, what was his last name? Ah, fuck. Kiwi Ed. I need to look on Facebook to remember his last name, sorry.

Scott: Eddie Spearing.

Answer Eddie Spearing. Snowboard UK, the UK’s first shred mag which is alas no longer with us, was started by Eddie Spearing. Eddie did move to NZ, but ‘Kiwi Ed’ gets Tyler nul points. [Tyler: 5 – Scott: 6]

10. What was the name of UK movie company Lockdown Projects’ first film?

Tyler: The first one… Updog. Or was that third already? I only came in at Updog, I didn’t know the guys before that.

Scott: Proper.

Answer Proper. There was a lot of banter about this after the interviews. We were almost convinced Tyler was right until we saw Lockdown co-founder Adam Gendle and got him to set us straight. Although Updog was the first TSA movie, edited by Gend, it was Proper that was the first to be released under the Lockdown Projects banner. [Tyler: 5 – Scott: 7]

It was close there for a while, but the winner of this edition of The Knowledge is… Scott McMorris. Had Tyler remembered Eddie’s last name and remembered that we were looking for the EIGHT guys from Forum it might have been a different story, but as it stands it’s Scott that rides off into the sunset as the wiser man. Well done, sir.


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