The Knowledge – Tim Humphreys vs Jeremy Thompson

Jeremy Thompson and Tim Humphreys. East Coast represent. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi.

An East Coast installment of our snowboard trivia nerd off.

As snowboard geeks, we like to think ourselves well-versed in the deep memory banks of snowboarding’s trivia. But how much of it do the riders know? That’s what we set out to find with The Knowledge, where we’ll put two shreds face-to-face and get ‘em to flex their mind muscles.

Squaring up to each other this time round are two East Coast Flow team duders – Tim Humphreys and Jeremy Thompson. Seeing as they were en route to Hintertux for some pre-season leg warming, we dragged ’em from Munich airport to our office under the pretense that we wanted to give Jeremy a copy of Onboard 117 with him getting wicked on the cover. No sooner was the mag in his hands than we took ’em aside and gave ’em a grilling…

1. What was Joni Mäkinen’s signature symbol that he had on all his pro model boards?

Jeremy Thompson: Who? I’ve never even heard of him [belly laugh]. His signature symbol? Oh man, I don’t know. Maybe a Finnish flag?

Tim Humphreys: Fuck I don’t know. [Ed in Chief pipes in trying to give a hint to the derision of his colleagues] Cellphones? I don’t know what the best export from Finland is! Black liquorice? That’s what all the Finnish kids eat. That shit’s disgusting.

Answer: Scandalous as it is that Jeremy didn’t know one of Europe’s legendary riders, and that despite the Ed in Chief’s meddling Tim didn’t know what Finland’s number one export is, the correct answer is, of course, THREE PINE TREES. He had them on his boards back in the days on Joyride to when he finished his career a few years back on Option.
[Jeremy: 0 – Tim: 0]

2. Which of these countries does NOT have a glacier resort? Germany? Italy? Spain? Or France?

JT: I’m gonna say Spain.

TH: Which one of them? It’s definitely not France, I don’t know. It’s probably like Spain or something.

Answer: Italy and France have a bunch, Germany has one thanks to some generous Austrian king giving them the Zugspitze back in the day, so the correct answer is SPAIN that despite having no glacier resort, does have sun, sand and sangria. Party on, Wayne!
[Jeremy: 1 – Tim: 1]

3. How many X-Games Slopestyle gold medals does Janna Meyen currently hold?

JT: Zero? Hehehe, I’ve never even heard of that guy either. [Though in Jezza’s defence we think he may have been having trouble understanding our German ed’s accent…]

TH: A lot. [Jeremy pipes in with “I just realised whose name you were saying!”] I’m not counting, but 5 or 6? I know it’s a bunch, way more than I have ‘cause I have zero [laughs].

Answer: Janna Meyen, who is most definitely a woman by the way, Jeremy, holds a whopping FOUR X-Games Slopestyle golds.
[Jeremy: 1 – Tim: 1]

4. Who landed the first double flip in the pipe?

JT: Aw c’mon. There’s so many people that’s not even… I know it goes back quite a while. [Ed in Chief gives an all-too obvious hint about chucking] Michaelchuck!

TH: Fuckin’ Mike Michaelchuck.

Answer: It was indeed the visionary, though stylistically impared, Canadian MIKE MICHAELCHUCK who first hucked a double back in the pipe in 1998 or so, and he even scabbed a double back rodeo similar to what Luke Mitrani has perfected today.
[Jeremy: 2 – Tim: 2]

5. Name the reigning female TTR World Tour champion.

JT: Right now, who’s the champion? I honestly don’t know.

TH: Female TTR champion? Aww man. I should know this, what the hell. Jeremy probably got it right too. [“You hooked up with her,” jokes Jeremy.] Did I? Torah Bright, really? [laughs] I’m gonna figure this shit out… was it Ellery? I have no idea.

Answer: Last season’s women’s TTR World Champion was Finnish rookie ENNI RUKAJÄRVI, who came out of nowhere to blitz all the established competition and take the title in her first season on the tour.
[Jeremy: 2 – Tim: 2]

6. Terje broke the world record for a quartepipe air in 2007. Who held it before?

JT: Jamie Lynn maybe?

TH: Heikki Sorsa.

Answer: It was HEIKKI SORSA who, at the Arctic Challenge in 2001, fired himself higher than any man had been before and taking down Ingemar Backman’s unofficial Riksgränsen monster from 96.
[Jeremy: 2 – Tim: 3]

7. Which one of these films is not a Mack Dawg production: Jumping with Jussi? Shakedown? Pulse? Or Lost in Transition?

JT: [without skipping a beat] Lost in Transition.

TH: Lost in Transition. What was that, a Standard movie?

Answer: Indeed, it is Standard Films’ LOST IN TRANSITION that’s the odd film out.
[Jeremy: 3 – Tim: 4]

8. What is this year’s Pirates movie called?

JT: Umm, Pirate movie? Man, you guys are really killing me. I watched it the other day but I don’t know the name of it.

TH: Oh I know this. Apparently I don’t know it ‘cause I can’t think of it… Umm, I don’t know.

Answer: HOOKED is the name of Europe’s biggest movie production company’s latest release.
[Jeremy: 3 – Tim: 4]

9. Who won last year’s US Open men’s slopestyle and the BGOS title?

JT: Oh that was Peetu. [Massive debate ensues about whether or not it was Chas Guldemond or not, and it’s agreed upon that ‘last year’s’ is a bit too confusing for us snowboarders who count in seasons.]

TH: Was it Peetu? [“2009! Fail!” buzzes Jeremy]

Answer: Last year, being 2009, CHAS GULDEMOND won both the slopestyle title and the overall BGOS series at the US Open. Last season, Peetu Piiroinen won the BGOS, but Mikkel Bang took the slopestyle.
[Jeremy: 3 – Tim: 4]

10. What nationality is Romain de Marchi?

JT: I’ll go German. No. Yeah? I don’t know. Somewhere in Europe? He’s like Louri I-Pod or whatever he claims to be.

TH: Is he French? No, no, no he’s not French. He’ll probably hate me for saying that. Um, where the hell is Romain from? I don’t know.

Answer: Romain de Marchi is SWISS. As is Iouri Podlatchikov, when he’s not Russian.
[Jeremy: 3 – Tim: 4]

Despite our general confusion with question 9 and Jeremy’s difficulty understanding the peculiar lilt of our German ed, we have a winner! Tim Humphreys, who Jeremy had already said would win as “he’s such a nerd”, takes the tie with a not-particularly impressive score of 4 out of 10. And if you also don’t know who Joni Mäkinen is, shame on you…


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