The Knowledge – Juuso Laivisto vs Gjermund Bråten

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The Knowledge – Juuso Laivisto vs Gjermund Bråten

Photos: Sami Tuoriniemi.

Pitting riders head-to-head like Mastermind…

As snowboard nerds, we like to think ourselves well-versed in the deep memory banks of snowboarding’s trivia. But how much of it do the riders know? That’s what we set out to find with The Knowledge, where we’ll put two shreds face-to-face and get ’em to flex their mind muscles.

Up first are two young rippers so some of the more history-based questions might have ‘em squirming: Ride and Volcom’s’ Juuso Laivisto, a 21-year-old who’s already bagging bangers for the next Pirates movie, and new Nike 6.0 and Head Snowboards recruit Gjermund Bråten, 19, who stoked us out at the BEO with his solid style. On yer marks…

1. Who had the closing part in the Pirates Jolly Roger?

Juuso Laivisto: This year? Elias Elhardt.
Germund Bråten: Ahh, fuck. Wait. I have no clue but I’ll say… was Elias Elhardt filming with them? I’ll say Elias Elhardt, but I haven’t seen the movie.

A – Elias Elhardt. (Juuso – 1; Gjermund – 1)

2. Who had the opening part in Absinthe Neverland?

Juuso: Erm… I would say Gigi. Oh, no no no. Wait a second, I’ve seen the movie only once. Yeah, I will go for Gigi, you see him on the train and stuff.
Gjermund: I’ve seen that a couple of times and I’ll say Gigi. Gigi Rüf

A – Nicolas Müller. Though Gigi is the first guy you see and the question could be misunderstood so we’ll give Juuso and Gjermund a point cause we’re nice like that. (Juuso – 1; Gjermund – 1)

3. Name the song used in Eero’s closer in MDP’s Follow Me Around. Band or song will do.

Juuso: Name of the song? Wait a second, what was that movie… I totally have the song in my computer. It is… Tom something. I can’t remember. Too hard question [laughs].
Gjermund: I know the song… what was that again? Ahh, no clue. I can’t remember it.

A – Come On Eileen. Dexy’s Midnight Runners. (Juuso – 0; Gjermund – 0)

4. How high was Terje’s world record backside 3 at the Arctic Challenge in 2007?

Juuso: [Laughs] Errrm, 9.8 metres I would saw. I don’t think he went over 10 but he probably did, but I would still go for 9.8.
Gjermund: 9.8 metres.

A – Terje’s backside 3 topped out at 9.8 metres. (Juuso – 1; Gjermund – 1)

5. What was the Snurfer?

Juuso: Snurfer? A snowboard smurf? [Laughs] I have no idea.
Gjermund: That was a board without bindings.

A – Sherman Poppen’s bindingless invention and the generally accepted precursor to the modern day snowboard. Gjermund gets point. (Juuso – 0; Gjermund – 1)

6. Who was the star of the Apocalypse Snow movies?

Juuso: Ahhhh, damnit! I have never heard about that.
Gjermund: I haven’t heard of it [laughs]. I’ll say Jamie Lynn.

A – French legend and APO Snowboards owner Regis Rolland. (Juuso – 0; Gjermund – 0).

7. Who invented the McTwist?

Juuso: That should be either Daniel Franck or Terje. What, it’s from skate? It’s not coming from snowboarding? Ok, Bob Burnquist? [Laughs]
Gjermund: Terje Haakonsen. Skateboarding? Err, Tony Hawk?

A – Interesting that both thought a snowboarder invented this trick, but then they are young. It was, in fact, skateboarder Mike McGill – check out this clip from the 1984 Del Mar bowl contest at about 7.24 – Gnarl. (Juuso – 0; Gjermund – 0)

8. Where can you not do an Indy?

Juuso: I don’t know.
Gjermund: Outside of the bindings.

A – On the frontside wall of a halfpipe. It’s just called a frontside air there if you’re anal about such things. Though Gjermund’s right too: tindys are forbidden so we’ll give him half a point. (Juuso – 0; Gjermund – 0.5)

9. Who’s won the Air&Style three times in a row?

Juuso: Stefan Gimpl. It was Cab 9, Cab 9, Cab 9 too, wasn’t it.
Gjermund: Stefan Gimpl. Cab 9s.

A – Stefan Gimpl. Interesting that both remembered he pulled the same trick three years in a row too. (Juuso – 1; Gjermund – 1)

10. Who won the first TTR World Tour?

Juuso: What year was that, 2004? That’s a hard one. I have to go for something so I’ll say Risto Mattila. I might be so wrong but I just can’t remember.
Gjermund: The first one? Shaun White.

A – Mathieu Crepel. (Juuso – 0; Gjermund – 0)

And the winner is… rookie Norseman Gjermund Bråten with 5.5 points out of 10, nice work dude. To be fair, Juuso did say he’d suck at this so props for putting yourself amongst it mate.

Next week we’ll put Swiss Buddha Nicolas Müller up against US misfit Danny Kass


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