The Knowledge – Danny Larsen vs Stian Solberg

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The Knowledge – Danny Larsen vs Stian Solberg

Danny and Stian. Photos: Sami Tuoriniemi

Pirate-flavoured Nerd-off.

As snowboard nerds, we like to think ourselves well-versed in the deep memory banks of snowboarding’s trivia. But how much of it do the riders know? That’s what we set out to find with The Knowledge, where we’ll put two shreds face-to-face and get ‘em to flex their mind muscles.

Facing off first this season are a couple of likely lads – Danny Larsen and Stian Solberg. After his part in last year’s This Video Sucks, Stian jumped aboard the Pirate ship this winter where he joined up with fellow Norseman, black metal fiend and longtime buccaneer Cap’n Larsen. We caught both as they were Innsbruck-bound for the world premiere of Hooked and faced them off. Are they snowboarding Einsteins, or more like George Bush after a night on the sauce? Let’s see.

On yer marks…

1. Who won the first ever Burton European Open in Slopestyle?

Danny: I have no fucking clue about contest results. I’m gonna say Terje Haakonsen.

Stian: David Benedek.

Answer: Burton saw fit to bring their already long-running Open contest to European shores in 1999. Seegrube was the place for a primitive slopestyle jam session where… Sani Alibabic walked away with the win. (Danny: 0 – Stian: 0)

2. What’s the name of the new scoring system that will be implemented in some TTR contests this year?

Danny: The name of it? The Andreas and Torstein scoring system from Arctic Challenge.

Stian: Scoring system implemented in the TTR? Erm… probably… I have NO idea. Shit. Probably rate the outfit or something [laughs].

Answer: SLS (Snowboard Live Scoring system) is the name. Larsen was close – Andreas Wiig and Torstein Horgmo, along with Terje, worked extensively with the judges to develop the SLS bus as we’re tight bastards he gets a fat-ass zero. (Danny: 0 – Stian: 0)

3. In 1997 Jake Burton Carpenter appeared in a TV commercial – for which brand?

Danny: I’m guessing Burton.

Stian: I don’t know, Taco Bell?

Answer: Though we would have taken the answer “Who cares?” it was in fact American Express. Not much more to say. (Danny: 0 – Stian: 0)

4. Who is the current female TTR Tour Champion?

Danny: Ah goddamit with all these contest questions! Erm, Torah Bright.

Stian: Oh it’s that Finnish chick. What’s her name. I don’t know but she’s Finnish. The name’s too hard to pronounce for me probably.

Answer: Had we replaced ‘is the current‘ with ‘was the 06/07‘, Danny would have gotten off the mark, but Stian was closest – at least he got her nationality. Enni Rukajärvi is the current women’s TTR Tour champ. (Danny: 0 – Stian: 0)

5. Who had the ender in last year’s Forum film Forever?

Danny: John Jackson, with a double part.

Stian: John Jackson.

Answer: Indeed, it was John Jackson who fully slayed the end of Forever. Interestingly, both the guys answered correctly before the question was finished. (Danny: 1 – Stian: 1)

6. What tricks did Halldor Helgason get a perfect score with at last year’s X Games Big Air?

Danny: Ahhh, something twice upside down with a lot of spins [laughs].

Stian: Backside double cork 1260, oh and frontside double cork 1080.

Answer: As we said, we’re tight bastards so while Larsen’s actually kinda right, he gets nothing. Stian, on the other hand, was on the money and is off the mark! Halldor got 100 out of 100 for the laziest frontside double cork 1080 and followed up with almost an equally smooth backside double cork 1260. (Danny: 1 – Stian: 2)

7. Who won the first ever Air&Style in 1994?

Danny: Reto Lamm.

Stian: Ooof. Wasn’t that a quarterpipe contest? Let’s just say Terje.

Answer: It wasn’t a QP comp, it was a pretty sketchy-looking straight jump in the Bergisel which current TTR bossman Reto Lamm won with a frontflip Indy. Danny claws one back and scores are tied again. (Danny: 2 – Stian: 2)

8. Where did Romain de Marchi and Travis Rice hold their legendary session that has been immortalised in Absinthe’s Pop?

Danny: Chad’s Gap. That’s in the United States of Freedom, by the way.

Stian: Chad’s Gap. Yes! See how fast I did that one!

Answer: Both right, both answered before the question ended. It was of course Chad’s Gap, and your extra bit of trivia is it’s named after the ski dude who hit it first. (Danny: 3 – Stian: 3)

9. How do you do a Canadian Bacon grab?

Danny: I have no idea. I’m sure I’ve done one, I probably called it something else.

Stian: Ooh. [starts imagining being strapped in] I dunno, back hand through your legs onto your nose with your front hand on the nose as well.

Answer: There was some debate on this but it’s rear hand through legs to grab toe edge, with a bit of tail bone. Whatever Stian’s grab is sounds awesome, though. (Danny: 3 – Stian: 3)

10. – What’s the working title for Brain Farm’s new project?

Danny: Oh what is it called? It’s caaaalled… something about being in the air. Is it… I’m just going to go with Flight.

Stian: Errr, I do not know that name of that. I haven’t even seen the teaser or anything, so I have no idea. I’m gonna say That’s It, That’s All II.

Answer: Though there’s no teaser yet, Travis Rice has been referring to Brain Farm’s follow up to That’s It, That’s All but the name of Flight. (Danny: 4 – Stian: 3)


It’s clear that both of these guys care little for snowboarding’s competitive side – when it came to questions about movies they were way more on it – but when all was said and done it was Danny Larsen who scored highest with the reall pretty lame score of 4 out of 10! We would say we’ll buy Danny a bunch of beers, but as we talked about yesterday he already owes us a bunch of bunch of beers, so let’s just call it a round shall we Larsen?


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