The Knowledge – Danny Kass vs Nicolas Müller

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The Knowledge – Danny Kass vs Nicolas Müller

Photos: Sami Tuoriniemi.

Pitting riders head-to-head like Mastermind…

As snowboard nerds, we like to think ourselves well-versed in the deep memory banks of snowboarding’s trivia. But how much of it do the riders know? That’s what we set out to find with The Knowledge, where we’ll put two shreds face-to-face and get ‘em to flex their mind muscles.

Up this week are two of snowboarding’s most influential riders. Danny Kass has nearly won more US Open pipe titles than he’s had hot dinners, bagged Olympic silver twice and created Grenade on a chairlift, while Nicolas Müller’s natural terrain freestyle and transition mastery has him rightly pegged to inherit Terje’s crown. These two have a few more miles on the clock than last week’s motley two, but will they know their history?

On yer marks…

1. Where did Ingemar Backman pull his legendary backside air in 1996?

Danny Kass: Riksgransen.
Nicolas Müller: That was very close to Riksgränsen station, in fact it’s probably 1.8 kilometres from it.

A – Riksgränsen would have done, but Nico’s got it spot on when he says it was a little further down the road. (Danny – 1; Nicolas – 1)

2. Which rider grabbed attention in Absinthe’s movie Transendence by riding his whole part in a bunny suit?

Danny: JP Solberg. Great song, the Beatles…
Nicolas: That was Jan Petter. Shampy as they call him.

A – JP Solberg. (Danny – 1; Nicolas – 1)

3. Who has the first ever landed double cork off a kicker on film?

Danny: Double cork or double flip? I think the biggest hyped one would be JP Walker, but I think I’ve seen a lot of double flips go down on film. Like back in the day Russel Winfield… oh man, double fronts… heavy. I dunno, the double cork, shit man, I’m just gonna say Travis Rice to say Travis Rice but I’m pretty sure JP did the double CORK, but the double flip’s been going on for a while.
Nicolas: Maybe JP Walker eh. But Gigi did one before but he didn’t land it.

A – JP Walker in Mack Dawg Productions’ movie Shakedown. (Danny – 1; Nicolas – 1)

4. Who won the first ever Olympic halfpipe titles? Men and women.

Danny: Gian Simmen and women would be… I know Shannon Dunn got third. Shit, who was good? Oh I remember that one babe who got second, cause she got naked. That was pretty cool. Fuck, I don’t know.
Nicolas: Gian – sick. He’s from Arosa which is where I started snowboarding. And Nicola Thost.

A – Men: Gian Simmen. Women: Nicola Thost. We have no idea if second placed woman Stine Brun-Kjeldaas actually got naked, or whether he was confusing her with Thost (who did once appear in the buff in Playboy), but Danny was pretty stoked on thinking she did either way. (Danny – 1; Nicolas – 2)

5. Halldor Helgason just won the X-Games big air. Which country is he from?

Danny: He’s from… Finland. Right, or no? Oh shit…
Nicolas: He’s from Iceland. Is he?

A – Halldor comes from Iceland. And he falls asleep doing double cork front 10s. (Danny – 0; Nicolas – 1)

6. Who won the TTR World Tour last season?

Danny: TTR, erm… was it Kevin Pearce? Oh, oh, Peetu.
Nicolas: The whole tour? Peetu.

A – Current TTR World Number 1 and Olympic Silver medallist, Peetu Piiroinen. (Danny – 1; Nicolas – 1)

7. What was the name of the first Forum team movie?

Danny: The Resistance.
Nicolas: Forum team movie!? The first one? Shit, I don’t know. I guess I’m not a jibber [laughs], that wasn’t the title. Erm, it was, shizzle [laughs] Forum Eight? I can at least have one wrong…

A – The Resistance. (Danny – 1; Nicolas – 0)

8. Pamela Anderson is featured on the topsheet of one of which brand’s boards on show here at ISPO?

Danny: This season? Who cares, I ride a BANANA.
Nicolas: Yes or Nidecker. I think it’s Nidecker.

A – Pam and her funbags appear on one of the Nidecker Design Kreative sticks. (Danny – 0; Nicolas – 1)

9. Which rider was well known for riding without gloves?

Danny: Jamie Lynn.
Nicolas: Erm, that was… who was that? Oh, I got it. Some American… it’s not Chris Engelsman, it’s not Kevin Jones. Damn, I totally knew that. Can you tell me? Jamie Lynn? Dude, that’s so bad. I hope he doesn’t read this.

A – Jamie Lynn. (Danny – 1; Nicolas – 0)

10. Which influential rider one claimed he was ‘raised by chipmunks…’?

Danny: Raised by chipmunks… That’s gotta be someone truly nuts. Rippey?
Nicolas: Peter Line.

A – Peter Line at the start of his part in Standard’s TB 3. (Danny – 0; Nicolas – 1)

So, the scores are in and the winner is… Nicolas Müller with 9 points out of a possible 11. It was close there though, Müller’s seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of the sport coming a little unstuck towards the end, and Kass would have done better had he not been so down with his Banana that he took no notice of the come-hither eyes Pammy was flashing from the NDK booth. Congrats, Nico!


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