The Knowledge - Aluan Ricciardi v Johann Baisamy

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The Knowledge – Aluan Ricciardi v Johann Baisamy

As snowboard nerds, we like to think ourselves well-versed in the deep memory banks of snowboarding’s trivia. But how much of it do the riders know? That’s what we set out to find with The Knowledge, where we’ll put two shreds face-to-face and get ‘em to flex their mind muscles.

This time round The Knowledge pits the wits of two French riders of the same generation against each other: Aluan Ricciardi and Johann Baisamy. These youngsters both went through the rigours of Olympic preparation the last few years, both got unlucky at different stage of the competition, before Aluan made that probing 5th place at the Euro X Games in Tignes. Both are now recovering from injuries, so we caught them for a trivia face-off…

On yer marks…

1. Let’s kick off with an easy one: where will the next Olympic Games take place?

Aluan and Johann at the same time: Sotchi, Russia.

AnswerSotchi, 2014 [Aluan: 1- Johann: 1]

2. How many halfpipe medals has France won since it became an Olympic discipline.

Aluan: None?

Johann: Ah, that’s a bit more difficult… Doriane Vidal in Salt Lake ? She had silver.

Aluan: you’re a salt lake, Johann. Basterd! Damn I need to concentrate more. Does it count that I buzzed before him?

OB: Unfortunately not, Aluan…

Answer – France have bagged 1 Olympic halfpipe medal. Doriane Vidal came second in Salt Lake City 2002. [Aluan: 1 – Johann: 2]

3. Where does the term ‘Indy’ come from?

Johann: From the Indians?

Aluan: No, from the Eskimos!

OB: You’re crap guys! Ok, a little clue: it comes from the name of a skate brand…

Johann: Woof, it’s not like the first question for sure! Does that skate brand stil exist?

Answer – Yes. Ok, Duane Peters – who performed that trick first – it made it on an Independent [skate trucks brand] ad, and everybody remebered the trick as the Indy ad… and from then on it became the name of the grab. [Aluan: 1 – Johann: 2]

Aluan: Damn, I didn’t know that!

Johann: Wow! That’s what you call culture, eh! We learned something [laughs]!

OB: Don’t want to be rude, but that was written somewhere in Onboard in 2009…

Aluan: Ouch, now we look like bad students [laughs].

4. Who was the first TTR  World Tour champion?

Johann: Mathieu.

Aluan: Mathieu.

AnswerMathieu Crepel was the first ever TTR champion at the end of the 2005/06 season. [Aluan: 2 – Johann: 3]

5. Which riders were in the finals of the X-Games big air 2009, and what were their tricks?

Aluan: Hmm, I don’t know…

Johann: I’d say Torstein and Halldor. No, wait! 2009… That was Travis and Torstein.

Aluan: I do remember the tricks, though. Double backside rodeo, and switch backside 12.

Johann: Yeah, there was a big fuss around the decision as well, after Torstein landed that bad ass 12, it was just madness!

AnswerTorstein Horgmo (the best switch back 12 ever) and Travis Rice (scabbed double backside rodeo 10) were the riders and the tricks. We wonder how come Aluan remembered the tricks but not the riders, but that’s half a point for him, and one for Johann [Aluan: 2.5 – Johann – 4]. 78% of the SMS voting went to Travis’s Double although he didn’t land it clean, which created a big fuss indeed. We still think Torstein was robbed…

6. Who won the first ever snowboard contest in New York City?

Aluan: It wasn’t me!

Johann: Shayne Pospisil. Did I pronounce it right?

Aluan: Come on Jo, stop pretending you knew that!

Johann: Booom!

OB: Correct and good pronunciation!

Aluan: Jo, you’re not funny…

Johann: But no, that was the Red Bull contest, remember? The big fiasco!

Alaun: Yes, but only you remember the name of all the riders!

AnswerShayne Pospisil. Local rider Shayne won the Red Bull Snowscrapers in NYC in February 2009. [Aluan: 2.5 – Johann: 5]

7. What was the name of the first Onboard video, which came out in 1996?

Johann: Errr…

Aluan: That’s old!

OB: So old you can only find it on VHS!

Aluan: The only videos I watched on VHS were The Resistance, TB5 and Nomade!

AnswerBoard Games. [Aluan: 2.5 – Johann: 5]

8. What year was Terje born?

Aluan: 73?

Johann: 76?

OB : Nope, another chance?

Johann: 74?

Answer – Terje was born on October 10th 1974 in Vinje, Norway. [Aluan: 2.5 – Johann: 6]

Aluan: Damn Johann’s too good. And when he’s not good, he’s lucky… I’m fooked!

9. Mathieu Crepel and Xavier De Le Rue appear together in which Standard video?

Aluan: Aesthetica.

Johann: Aesthetica. We watched it together in Saas Fee!

AnswerAesthetica in 2008. [Aluan: 3.5 – Johann: 7]

10. Which legendary rider plays in the band Kandi Coded?

Aluan: Andrews, Trevor.

Johann: No, that’s Trouble Andrew. And he said “legendary” rider [laughs]!

Aluan: Peter Line?

Johann: As a guess, I’ll say Jim Rippey.

AnswerJamie Lynn. [Aluan: 3.5 – Johann: 7]

Johann: Arrrgh, no way!

Aluan: At last, one thing that our snowboard facts geek didn’t know! Johann is like an encyclopedia!

Johann: Yeah, at last!

So, when all’s said and done Johann Baisamy wins this face-off with a none-too-shabby score of 7 points. He showed some really sharp skills remebering contests, winners and so on, and deserve surely to be faced off to one of the other winners of The Knowledge, maybe in a future episode !


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