Kjersti was a busy little bee last season, travelling a lot and having heaps of fun. Despite sustaining an injury early on, she trained hard, got herself fit again and represented Norway at the Olympics where she rode like a woman possessed, pulled one of the biggest straight airs and took the bronze (check issue 83). Following the Games, she filmed a bit in the States and then returned to Europe for a photoshoot with her sponsor Roxy. In her own words, “I had a really interesting and fun season".

Age: 24

Hometown: Trondheim, Norway


Board of choice: Roxy, The Silhouette

Boot of choice: DC Halo

Binding of Choice: N/A

Goggle of choice: Oakley A frame

Outerwear of choice: Roxy Limited Edition Heidi Little Dipper jacket, Limited Edition Valentine pants

Stance, stance width, binding angles: regular, 50cm, front +15°, back 0°

Sponsors: Roxy, Oakley, DC, Djuice

What was the first board you every owned? A Crazy Banana 155cm, it was pink and black on top and it had a big yellow banana on the base, hehe. It was the best!

What's so special about the board you ride? It is a really good all around board, and that’s what I want to ride.

What about your boots? My boots are the best. They are really comfortable and I like the stiffness of them.

What do you look for in your bindings? That they are tight and fit, and I like the cap strap!

What's so dope about your outerwear you're rocking? That it looks good and is big enough. That it gives me the right feeling… It’s also good if it keeps you dry.

What one other item do you always go riding with? Shin guards.