KBR Meets You – Interview with Director Petrus Koskinen

[Here’s the fruits of Petrus’s labours – KBR Meets You in full. Check his words and then watch it to have your senses spiked.]

KBR Meets You writes another chapter in KBR Productions’ definitive book on ‘How to be Awesome at Making Snowboard Movies with Zero Budget.’

We caught up with rider/director (and not the other way around) Petrus Koskinen to get a bit more info on the production and their plans for stepping it up again next season.

KBR Meets You dropped a couple weeks back. How’s the response been?

Yeah correct! We have got so much good feedback from the movie and the whole crew is really psyched on it. And the premiere parties in Jyväskylä and Helsinki were truly amazing as well.

Finnish people seem close to professional at partying so that must have been a good premiere. Any stories from Jyväskylä and Helsinki that you can share without getting arrested?

Hahah, that’s true. Don’t know if it’s a good fact or not that Finnish people party quite hard. I think I’ll get arrested if I tell you more. That picture tells you something about the hype that went down.

KBR Meets You world premiere. The hype went down! Photo: Julius Konttinen


Going back to the shooting, did you approach anything differently from previous productions?

I think we had more filming days than in the previous seasons, but it was pretty much the same as in previous seasons. We filmed in mid-winter some urban stuff and when the spring came we went to the hills of Lapland to get some park action. Janne Lipsanen filmed also some sick powder shots with the Rip Curl crew in Japan and France. So that was a new thing for the production and I think we are doing next season some powder trips with the KBR crew too.

Oh that would be the bomb eh?

Haha ! I don’t actually know how it works out when the street kid crew from Finland hits the big mountains. Worth a try.

Going by what we’ve seen from other Finns, there’ll be a lot of tomahawking for half a season and then you’ll fucking slay it! There’s a fair bit of street riding. How much effort do you put in scouting new spots and how you do it?

We look for new spots mainly in summer from every corner of our home towns and smaller towns as well. There are so many small towns in Finland where we haven’t filmed yet! We try to find new ways to hit the old spots too.

Who’s involved in making the movie in terms of shooting, editing and behind the scenes work?

I am, as well as a rider, the producer and director of KBR. I try to keep the whole package together. The movie was mainly filmed by our filmer Mikko Suomalainen who stepped it up to the crew to stay in last season. Also all of the riders have filmed each other a lot. I was behind the camera also a lot last season because of a knee injury in January. But now it’s good. I edited the movie in summer mainly by myself but Toni Kerkelä helped me a little bit. Me and Toni are actually the two dudes who founded the whole KBR thing way back in 2004 when we were little kids. There are also two new guys in our production: Eesu Lehtola who made all the graphics and Mikko Kuiri who helped us to do the music contracts with the bands and stuff. Thanks guys! Good to have you in the crew!

Maybe this is even unfair to ask but… Whose part, for whatever reason – personal, professional, or otherwise – are you most stoked on in KBR Meets You?

I can give you a answer on this, no problem. I think every rider has a really sick section in the movie and every section is definitely worth to watch. No doubt. But as a director of the movie I think I got a really cool and good-feeling atmosphere in Antti Jussila‘s part with the Kyla La Grange‘s song and solid action and lifestyle shots.

Antti Jussila. Photo: Ville Lahtinen

I know your previous movies were pretty low budget. Actually maybe ‘no budget’ would be a better description. We asked this question to Curt Morgan and he was elusive, so feel free to respond similarly, but what kind of budget did you have?

We had a really small budget in KBR Meets You but we got a little help from Battery Energy Drink and Rip Curl. Thanks guys! That’s a thing we are really stoked on. For the next season I’m trying to gather a real budget for the first time in KBR’s history. I have actually got some cool supporters for our next movie but there’s a lot of work left. It’s not easy but not impossible!

Nice nice. More generally, last week we posted three full movies from Finland in one day. What does this say to you about snowboarding in your home country?

Finnish snowboarders are really active these days in making movies. That’s a thing to be sincerely stoked about. Shred flicks are also appreciated a lot in Finland between all the young and old riders.

Hell yes! KBR have made their name dropping movies online. As everyone knows there’s heaps of snowboard video content on the internet of wildly different quality – from shit to fun to great to awesome. What are your thoughts on this?

I think it’s sick that there are so many different shred flicks and clips with a wide range of quality out there. You got to start from somewhere! And it tells something about the thing we are dealing with – snowboarding.

That’s certainly true. Finally, if we held a gun to your head and said, “TELL US YOUR FAVOURITE SNOWBOARD MOVIE OF ALL TIME!” what would your response be to stop us splattering your brains all over the wall?

Hahah. Shieeet! I think I’d have to answer Robotfood’s Lame because that was the first shred flick I bought and I think I have watched it nearly 100 times. It motivated me so much when I was a little boy and it motivates me these days a lot too. I love the awesome atmosphere, riding and the songs in it. It’s great!

Anything else you want to say?

Can you put a link to the movie and our website and our facebook page We’ll be dropping 5 making-of webisodes from January to May.

Bang. Done. Thanks for your time Petrus.

[As a bonus, here’s KBR’s full movie, Homework, from last season. 25k viewers can’t be wrong!]


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