Name: Josh Dirksen

Age: 29

Hometown: Bend, Oregon, USA

Josh began last winter riding chair lifts at his home resort of Mt Batchelor with his girl and his roomie, and admits: “It’s nice to feel like a ‘real’ snowboarder sometimes by riding 20 runs a day and not have to yell ‘Dropping!’ every time you hit a jump". Come the New Year, shooting with MDP took precedence, riding pow and hitting kickers with the crew. Just round the corner is a planned hip session in California. Remember last year’s shot of Josh in issue 76 ‘Big Mo’ Fo’ Jumps’ article?

What was the first board you ever owned? A skateboard (Vision to be exact).

Board of choice: Salomon Special 159

Boot of choice: Salomon Dialogue size 9.5

Binding of Choice: Salomon SPX Pro

Goggle of Choice: Scott Motive LTD goggles

Outerwear of Choice: Jacket: Bonfire Horizon in island and mocha; Pants: Bonfire Command in mocha

Stance, width, angles: Goofy, 23in (set back 1.25in), front +21°, back –6°

Sponsors: Salomon Snowboards, Bonfire outerwear, Boost Mobile, Scott Goggles, Dakine gear bags and gloves, Mt Bachelor, Exit Real World snowboard shop

What's so special about the board you ride?

I think that Salomon had my style of riding in mind when they designed this board. It has a tighter sidecut on it than the rest of the Salomon line and it has a little bit stiffer flex. It’s good for riding pretty much everything from Mt Bachelor to hip jumps to backcountry kickers. For our Alaska trip I might step up to the Special 163. The 159cm is a good size for all-around boarding. And the topsheet is mostly black so it matches my bindings perfectly.

What about your boots?

I like my boots with a good fit and a soft flex. I ride the Salomon Dialogue boot in Black and sometimes in Brown. Sometimes I end up wearing my snowboard boots 15 hours a day, so the Dialogue is a nice comfortable boot that is soft enough to drive my car with.

What do you look for in your bindings?

I look for a good fit to my boot. The Salomon SPX binding that I use is designed with the Salomon boots, so it works out good. Perfect fit. I have also always liked my bindings to be black, so this is the perfect choice.

What's so dope about the outerwear you're rocking?

I wear Bonfire outerwear. It has good style and is super water-resistant. I mostly try to order the Gore-Tex jackets and pants that Bonfire makes. It rains a lot in Oregon, so it is nice staying dry and happy. I like my clothes normal sized, nothing too dope.

What one other item do you always go riding with?

My avalanche transceiver. Of course, I don't wear it in the pipe or park, but if there is any chance of avalanches I always wear it. My friends and I are always checking and reminding, so we never forget. Whenever I am wearing my transceiver, I also bring my DaKine shovel with me – just to let my buddies know that I am paying attention and that I plan on finding them with my shovel and not my hands.